• Microsoft Word and Office will not scroll with scrollbar

    So I noticed something particularly strange with Windows 10 Enterprise. My Microsoft Office programs will stop scrolling with the scroll bar. It's only happening with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. It just doesn't move sometimes. Any suggestions?

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  • Expand all headings when printing a Microsoft Word document

    I have a document set up with collapsed headings, so that it acts as a sort of Table of Contents. I like the way this looks and had no problem getting the headings to collapse by default. However, when I try to print the document I have to expand all of the headings before printing, or else it will...

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  • Updating Table of Contents for Microsoft Word Online

    Hello, I'm on Office 365 and on Microsoft Word Online, could I update the Table of Contents for a document? I haven't been able to figure out a way (I need to do it for reporting/research). Thanks so much.

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  • Setup custom dictionary for Microsoft Word spell check

    I don't believe this is possible but I thought I would give it a shot anyways. I would like to try to create/setup a customized dictionary for Microsoft Word (and replace the main dictionary) for spell checking. Could I just disable the main dictionary in Word? Could someone point me in the right...

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  • How to change table font size in Microsoft Word

    I've been working on formatting a table in Microsoft Word but it's not allowing me to change the font size. I'm going through table -> Table AutoFormat. Every other change I made is fine. Why can't I change the size? Thank you.

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  • How to recover Office 365 Word document

    In Office 365, I was literally in the middle of editing a Microsoft Word file when a popup said it was closing the document (I must have hit something on my keyboard) and then it went through without saving anything that I did. I lost all of my work. Could I somehow recover it? I feel like it's...

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  • Microsoft Word for Mac 2016: How to show split view with navigation bar

    On Microsoft Word 2016 on a Mac, my split view is completely removed when I'm showing the navigation bar. Is there a way to keep it up (with the navigation bar)? Meaning I want it to still show. Thanks!

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  • Keyboard shortcut to delete headings in Microsoft Word

    Another employee just sent me a training manual that I have to basically edit. It's over a 100 pages in Microsoft Word. Basically I need to delete so many headings (the formatting is all screwed up). Would there be a simple keyboard shortcut that would allow me to remove these headings much more...

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  • Revision history for Microsoft Word 365

    I'm looking for something very similar to Google Docs for Microsoft Word. Is there a possible document revision history option? I can't seem to figure it out at all. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

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  • Microsoft Word 2013: Make Document Properties required

    Hello, In Microsoft Word 2013, whenever I send a file to a another co-worker, I would like not only the Document Properties to be displayed, but for some of them to be required. Would that be possible? Thanks so much.

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  • How to add hyperlinks in Wordpad

    Hello! I use both Microsoft Word and Wordpad for my documents. I know how to add a hyperlink in Microsoft Word (it's very simple) but how can I do it in WordPad. I seem to can't find a way. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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  • Email Microsoft Word document

    I want to email my Microsoft Word document. I can't email it. Why?

    theharplady5 pointsBadges:
  • Change text color in Microsoft Word 2010

    So I'm currently running Microsoft Office 2010 and I'm working on a document in Word. I just highlighted some text to try to change the color but nothing happened. I'm not sure why this is happening. Can someone help?

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  • Documentation orientation changes when converting documents from PDF to Microsoft Word

    Whenever I'm exporting a file from a PDF to Microsoft Word, it keeps flipping the document (meaning when it's in landscape mode in PDF, it converts to portrait mode in Word). This is on Microsoft Word 2016 on a Mac. How can I stop this?

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  • How to change Microsoft Word margins

    So, another employee just sent me a Microsoft Word document with the wrong margins. It needs to be at 2". How can I change it? Thanks so much.

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  • How to remove new line when copying and pasting in Microsoft Word

    Whenever I copy anything into Microsoft Word (whether it's a couple of sentences or just a word), it always includes a new line. It's very bothersome so I want to remove that feature. How can I do that? Thank you.

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  • Start typing anywhere on Microsoft Word document

    This question may sound odd but here it goes: Is there a format (or setting) that I could use to type anywhere on a Microsoft Word document? Meaning I could start writing at the bottom of a sheet (or even the middle). I don't want to start at the top left. Thank you very much.

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  • Microsoft Word 2016 immediately crashes after startup

    Whenever I launch Microsoft Word 2016 on my Windows 7 machine, it crashes immediately. The only message I get is this: Microsoft Word has stopped working. I already tried uninstalling / reinstalling Office 2016 but that didn't work. It's able to start in Safe Mode if that helps. What's going on...

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  • Install new style on Microsoft Word 2016

    So a friend of mine showed me a style in Microsoft Word 2016 and I love it! It was called Vancouver style I believe. I would like to get it on my version of MS Word but I'm not sure how to install it. What's the process for this?

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  • Word 2010 – Creating a summary page from a Word 2010 document

    I have a detailed document with subheadings - how can I get Word 2010 to autopopulate a summary page comprised of specified (preselected) sub sections of the main report?

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