• Windows 10: Copy file image to clipboard

    I'm using Windows 10 - what's the best way to copy an image (from a file) to the clipboard? I tried Ctrl + C but it didn't copy it to the clipboard. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much.

    ITKE1,109,325 pointsBadges:
  • How to recover Office 365 Word document

    In Office 365, I was literally in the middle of editing a Microsoft Word file when a popup said it was closing the document (I must have hit something on my keyboard) and then it went through without saving anything that I did. I lost all of my work. Could I somehow recover it? I feel like it's...

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  • How to access ENC File

    How do I access an ENC file with either coreldraw or PDF?

    Dahandmadecreative5 pointsBadges:
  • Change Notepad files back to DXF files

    I attempted to view an dxf file but accidentally changed all my dxf files to notepad. How do I change back to dxf?

    mystery1235 pointsBadges:
  • HP laptop is stuck on screen after BIOS update

    So my HP laptop just notified me of a new BIOS update. I went ahead and downloaded and installed it. But now my laptop will not boot up at all after restarting. It's just stuck at the HP screen. What should I do? Do I have to change my hardware settings? I'm so confused.

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  • Disable Office 365 popup ad on Windows 10

    I just upgraded to Windows 10 and I'm very excited! There's just one thing: Every day or so, I get this notification popup that says Get Office 365 (it's almost like an ad). I went into my setting and uninstalled it. But when I do updates, it returns. How can I disable it completely?

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  • Filter for one search result in Windows Explorer Search

    I'm trying to use the Windows Explorer Search but it keeps giving me all these different results. I just want the one single item (that I searched for). Can I filter it that way? Thanks so much.

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  • How to enable touch screen on Windows 10 Lenovo laptop

    Hi there, This is probably an easy question but I do need a solution fast. On my Lenovo Windows 10 laptop, I accidentally hit a bunch of keys and now I've completely disabled the touch screen. How do I go ahead and re-enable it? Through the Device Manager? Appreciate any guidance on this.

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  • Revision history for Microsoft Word 365

    I'm looking for something very similar to Google Docs for Microsoft Word. Is there a possible document revision history option? I can't seem to figure it out at all. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

    ITKE1,109,325 pointsBadges:
  • Transfer PST file (Microsoft Outlook) to Windows Live mail.

    I can't seem to find an option to transfer old PST files (Microsoft Outlook) to Windows 7 Live mail. Does anyone know how to?

    Rakei3,260 pointsBadges:
  • Packaging Microsoft Office 2007

    Is it difficult to package MS Office 2007 as an MSI without Outlook (we use Notes for email)?

    MichaelJohnB20 pointsBadges:
  • NotePad: Remove everything after website domain

    For NotePad++, can I remove everything after a website's domain. For example: www.domain.com/aboutus It should be: www.domain.com/ How can I do that? Thank you!

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  • Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709) when trying to add a shared printer

    Hi there, I have been sitting with this problem for more than a week now. I have a computer running Windows 10 1803 build (17134.112) USB printer is shared and permissions have been set also my network and sharing has been set. I have also tried many solutions available on the forum with no...

    RiaanIceman40 pointsBadges:
  • HP PC is not booting up correctly

    Help! I just turned on my PC and the monitor is showing all these different colors. There's red, green and blue. I tried pressing F10 and it sounds like it's going to the BIOS but nothing is happening (the monitor is the same). I'm not sure what's wrong here - is it the monitor? The PC is a HP....

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  • CPU fan keeps getting louder

    So I think I have a big issue with my computer. Over the past three weeks or so, I keep hearing the CPU fan getting louder and louder. And I have no idea why. I checked the CPU usage and everything seemed fine. What else can I check? Or should I start looking for a new one?

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  • Microsoft Outlook will not recognize new email address

    So I just changed my primary email address in Microsoft Exchange (Office 365). However, Microsoft Outlook keeps using my old email address. How can I confirm the switch to my new one? Thank you.

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  • Modify Windows 10 Task Manager CPU uptime

    So this might be an odd question but I would like to see if it's possible. On Windows 10, could I actually modify the Task Manager's CPU uptime? I would like to set it to maybe one month. Hopefully this makes sense!

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  • How to open inaccessible files on USB flash drive

    So I lent a friend my USB flash drive so he can add files to it. When I opened it up, all of the files are inaccessible (with very odd names - another language almost). I scanned everything with my antivirus and everything came back fine. But I still can't open them. What can I do?

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  • Resolution problem on NVIDIA GeForce GT705

    I currently have a NVIDIA GeForce GT705 graphics card in my computer. I have bought a new screen capable of 1440 x 2560 resolution. But I can't set my res any higher than 1920×1080. Their website suggested it can show 2560 x 1600 - whats the issue here? do I just need to update the driver?

    r1318075 pointsBadges:
  • Need help in identifying .CFG format

    I have a need to track changes to an equipment .CFG file that store equipment calibrations, but when I open the file in notepad or others, the display is alien gibberish. How can I identify the format and convert it to a text file? Here is an example of the file as it appears in Notepad. 2   ...

    mrlaundry5 pointsBadges:

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