• Microsoft Excel: Create multiple charts for same data set

    In Microsoft Excel, I have a data set of about 5000 rows and columns. I need to create multiple charts in different sheets for every 100 rows. What's the best way to do that? Thank you.

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  • Upload Excel file into AS/400

    Can an excel file be uploaded into AS/400?

    Tammyc15695 pointsBadges:
  • Cannot import CSV file to Excel: Cannot download the information you requested

    I have this CSV file that I can't import into Microsoft Excel. This is driving me insane! I keep getting this message: Unable to open XXX. Cannot download the information you requested. It's showing up in the preview screen. What can I do? I'm on Excel 2016. Thanks.

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  • Microsoft Excel is showing strange black lines through spreadsheet

    So whenever I'm opening up a new Microsoft Excel file, it keeps showing these weird black stripes and boxes. Basically lines through all of the cells. Is there a setting on that I need to turn off?

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  • Combine two Microsoft Excel formulas into one cell

    Hello - this is a curiosity question more than anything else. In Microsoft Excel, is there an easy way to combine two formulas (from two cells) into one cell? I just want one formula in the one cell. As of right now, it's two formulas in two cells. Thank you!

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  • Moving formulas over to new column after copying Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

    Hi, Here's what I want to do. I would like to copy an Excel worksheet to a new sheet but there's the catch: I need to move all of the formulas into a new column. I just want to move them over one column. How can I arrange this? Or would I just have to do this manually?

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  • Make changes to Microsoft Excel Gantt chart

    My friend sent me a Microsoft Excel template for a Gantt chart (I need to use it at my office). But I would like to make some changes to the chart itself (particularly the colors and different formulas). How can I do that?

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  • Transfer data from one Microsoft Excel cell to other cells

    So I think the answer to my question is a macro but I need to make sure. In Microsoft Excel, I need to transfer data from one to various other cells in my worksheet. How can that be done? Would a macro work here?

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  • Open Zax files in Excel

    Can l open .zax files in excel?

    EdwardCormani10 pointsBadges:
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet keeps getting corrupted

    We have this pretty old Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that gets saved several times a day. But we've begun to notice that it gets corrupted about once a week. It has a couple of plugins and is using the latest version of Office/Excel. Why does it keep getting corrupted? Any suggestions?

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  • Change English numbers to Arabic numbers

    How I can change English numbers to Arabic numbers?

    Mark475 pointsBadges:
  • Disable Microsoft Excel sheet bounce

    Hi experts, I'm not sure anyone can help but here goes: At the top of an Excel spreadsheet, does anyone know how to disable the sheet bounce (or touch scroll bounce)? Hopefully I said that correctly. The bouncing values are set at zero but it's not working. Any ideas? I'm on Windows 10

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  • Zero keeps disappearing in my Excel spreadsheet column

    So I'm adding some of my personal information into an Excel 2007 workbook and I've noticed that when I put in a number count that starts with zero, it automatically disappears. Here's an example: 012345678 changes to 12345678 What do I have to do keep the zero as entered and not disappear.

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  • Export image in the MySQL database through Excel?

    How can I export image in the MySQL database going to Excel? Please help.

    bituinseverino5 pointsBadges:
  • How to extend text beyond Microsoft Excel cell

    In Microsoft Excel, I have a bunch of text in a particular cell. The alignment is currently at 90 degrees. But now I need to extend the text beyond the cell (just too much to add). Wrap text is already off. How can I do this? Should I just merge the cells? Thank you.

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  • Export from SAP to Microsoft Excel

    I can't currently export from SAP to Excel. Can someone help?

    sharow5 pointsBadges:
  • Microsoft Excel attachments always open in Excel Viewer

    Hello, I'm sending daily reports from various departments in my organization. About 95% of them are Excel spreadsheets. But when I try to open them, they always open in Excel Viewer. I want them to open in Excel itself. And yes, it's installed on my PC. What can I do about this?

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  • Microsoft Excel borders disappear in print preview

    So something very strange is happening in Microsoft Excel for me. Obviously all of the columns, rows and cells have borders. But in print preview (getting ready to print), the borders completely disappear. However, when I print, it looks fine. I would just like to know why print preview does that?...

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  • Export results of Belarch Advisor on Excel

    Is there a way to export the results of Belarc Advisor to Excel?

    fidesangel5 pointsBadges:
  • Editing Microsoft Excel file using Linux shell

    Hi IT experts, Does anyone know of a tool (or even a process) to edit an Excel file (XLSX) using Linux shell? Basically I'm working on a worksheet and I need to remove the last three non empty rows. Any help is appreciated.

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