• Building a marketing matrix

    What is a marketing matrix and what information should be included? Do you have any examples of a good matrix you can share? Should they be interactive?

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  • Branding a parent company

    We currently have a parent company in place. the parent company has a well known reputation in its respective market. It has 2 subsidiaries. It also have a division, which has grown to become a company in its own right and will become a subsidiary now as well. Everyone agrees on this point. The...

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  • Blog or Newsletter: which is better?

    Which do you think is the better marketing tool, the newsletter or the blog?

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  • Blogging best practices

    Is it better to have a single thought leader per blog or multiple? Should just my CEO blog or should my CEO, CMO, IT Director and VP of Product Management?

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  • Blogging Best Practices

    I'm trying to convince my boss that the CEO needs a blog. My arguments have fallen on deaf ears so I was hoping you could help me with some more arguments and/or stats on why blogs are important in B2B. Do you have any tips or best practices you could share?

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  • Bing’s new social feature and functionality – How to use it ?

    Bing recently launched a new social search feature in their search functionality and I'm wondering if anyone thinks this will affect their marketing in a positive or negative way? Any creative ideas on how to use this new feature and does this mean my B2B needs to have a Facebook page?

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  • Best time of day to send out marketing messages?

    We mainly focus on the larger markets (US, Germany, etc) but we sell and ship products internationally. What time of day and day of week is best to send out international marketing message? Does it differ depending on what kinds of messages? (PR vs. an email campaign to customers)

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  • Best practices for marketing at an event

    When marketing your brand/business/product/service at an even what type of collateral and signage have you had good luck with? Do you bring data sheets and whitepapers? Do you use large signs with text or are you using your signage for visual appeal? How do you get traffic to your booth? And how do...

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  • Best font for email marketing

    What would you recommend as the best and easiest to read email font?

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  • Best apps for surveys/polls

    What are the top survey/polling applications for smartphones, tablets, etc.? What apps offer the strongest survey design capabilities and reporting features?

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  • Beginning career in marketing, help wanted.

    I just graduated from college with a marketing degree and am now looking for a job. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you all know, the economy isn't great right now. Could you share some tips on how to go about finding opportunities, networking, and impressing hiring managers? And if you're a hiring...

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  • B2B Marketing’s Most Influential People

    We want to compile a list of B2B marketing's most influential folks (marketers, speakers, consultants, etc) for the community. In the "Answer" section below, include name and a link to their website/twitter account/blog and a sentence about what makes them so influential. Hopefully this list will...

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  • B2B Marketing’s Most Valuable Resources

    Along with compiling a list of your favorite B2B marketers, we want to know what your go-to resources are for training, education, and just for fun reading. Share the name of the organization, company, website, blog and a link and a sentence explaining why it's your MVO.

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  • B2B vs. B2C Lead Generation.

    What's the difference between B2B lead generation and B2C lead generation? Is it easier to generate leads in B2C since they're the consumer is making the purchasing decision?

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  • B2B Brand Characters

    Do you think it's important to have a character as part of your B2B brand? (i.e., Tony the Tiger, Geico Gecko, etc)

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  • Average CTR for B2B email campaign

    I've heard people say that average for click rates for B2B emails are anywhere between 3-10%, but do they really mean click rates or do they mean click to open rates? I'm much more interested in click to open rates, but I'm afraid the 3-10% average is for click rates? Does anyone have any info on...

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  • Augmenting your marketing database

    Do you augment your marketing database with information to enhance, authenticate, or supplement your marketing database?

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  • Attracting virtual event sponsors

    What are some ways to attract sponsors of virtual events? What are some incentives you give?

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  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses of our current sales and marketing strategy

    We have a sales and marketing strategy currently in place, but we would like to assess strengths and weaknesses and determine where the gaps are. How do we do this? Should we hire someone? Can you recommend anyone?

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  • Archiving/deleting old content on company website

    Should we delete old commercials from our "youtube" channel and other PR materials? Is that content good for SEO purposes? Should it be archived on the website somewhere? What do you recommend?

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