• Creating backlinks from sub pages within my website

    I know that back links are important for you to rank higher in search engines, but does it count to have links from your own pages to other pages? For example, I have my company homepage and I have a products page for my software. If I have a link on my product page back to my company homepage,...

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  • Creating a company page on Wikipedia.com

    We do have a company page on Wikipedia, but would like to improve what we have. Would like to have some pointers on what to add on a company page on Wikipedia.com, and also pointers on how to be sure what you add gets accepted and not thrown out by the editors.

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  • Cost of virtual events

    We are looking to host a virtual all-day event in August 2011. I need to include the approximate cost of a virtual event solution in our marketing budget for 2011, but don't have the time to do my real due diligence regarding providers at this point. We are looking for something very basic. It is...

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  • Corporate email policy

    I just found out my sales team has been sending out email on their own - without complying to CAN-SPAM. I'd like to create a corporate email policy document that I can send to the company as well as have on hand should an ISP question our email practices. Anyone know where I can find a free...

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  • Corporate Branding Guide

    Does every company need to brand itself and its products? What things should marketers consider when branding the company vs. branding the products.

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  • Convincing the inconvincible

    If a prospect says "No", do you waste any more time trying to convince/persuade otherwise and what kind of opt-out process do they go through after they've said no?

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  • Contest prizes and best practices

    Have you done a give-away/contest recently with a particular prize that seemed to draw a lot of attention? (i.e., Ipad, Xbox, etc) If you did a contest recently, tell us about your success metrics and what prizes you offered as best practice.

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  • Content Curation Tools

    Is anyone using a content curation tool?  If so, what and how?

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  • Content creation guidelines

    Do you follow any particular guidelines when creating your whitepapers, data sheets, and case studies? Do you stick to a certain word count? Particular number of pictures/diagrams? Color vs. black and white? What are some of your content creation best practices?

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  • Connecting social media and content marketing

    How do you connect social media and content marketing?

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  • Conference Speakers Proposal – Call For Papers

    Has anyone had success in getting a member of their management team a speaking spot at a conference? My boss has asked me to submit a proposal but I've never written one and could use some help. Do you have any tips or best practices you can share?

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  • Conducting a qualitative interview…

    Interviews are often used in research to gather high quality, long form qualitative feedback. In my experience, these interviews typically lasted between 10 and 30 minutes. But how long should they be? Is it better to conduct shorter interviews more often for the sake of respondent attention? How...

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  • Conducting an in-person press tour.

    Is the in-person press tour still a viable option for increasing company and product visibility? Does anyone have experience and regularly conduct press tours?

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  • Compiling twitter tools list

    I'm compiling a list of twitter tools and was looking for suggestions from the members on their favorites. I use tools like Hootsuite and WeFollow--but I'm looking forward to hearing about some lesser-known tools. Thanks in advance!

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  • Competing against lower-priced products/services

    What are some new and innovative ways that you've competed with lower-cost/lower-price products/services?

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  • Centralizing marketing data

    Is your enterprise marketing data centralized? If yes, which tools are you using?

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  • Centralized marketing database

    Do you currently have a centralized marketing database that provides one source for marketing, sales, and service?

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  • Can you recommend some good marketing training resources for a newbie?

    I'm new to marketing, just graduated from college with a marketing degree. While I'm job searching, I'm also trying to learn about what's hot in marketing. Could you recommend some resources I could use to study up? (Resources like trade shows in the US, books to read, companies to follow.) Thanks!

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  • Calculating Net ROI

    Hello, Need your expertise here. I am trying to calculate net ROI based on web leads generated and need clarification on a point. First, some background: Lets assume ABC Company spent $115K on marketing expenses in 2009. This figure is for PPC marketing as well as the salary of the marketing...

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  • Building customer profiles with multi-channel information

    Do you collect multi-channel information to build customer profiles? Do you supplement individual leads data with information from two or more marketing channels: email campaigns received, click-through history, website visits, landing page form captures, survey questions, direct mail, etc?

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