• Cisco ‘show ver’ output and Serial number.

    Good Day all, Please, I need help with getting the 'show ver' on a Cisco router. And please how can I run a check on a Cisco item I want to purchase? Please HELP!

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  • Outlook reminders – Office XP

    I'm getting reports from a number of users whose meeting/calendar reminders are not working properly. Either there is no reminder at all, or it comes sometime well after the appoinment time. Not all users in the Exchange enterprise experience the same behavior. What's the deal?

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  • Best way to “route around” an SMTP SmartHost?

    My single Exch 2003 server currently uses a "smarthost" on the default SMTP virtual server. This is an outsourced virus/spam scanning service that also adds a corporate disclaimer. However, I'd like for some users to be able to bypass that smarthost for listerv messages and the like. I used to be...

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  • Surfcontrol Email Filter 4.7

    Good Day Everyone, I am a net admin in a W2K networked environment with approximately 50-60 users. We utilize exchange 5.5 for email and SC EF 4.7 for anti-spam and extra security. However, I have found several messages saying that I have sent an infected message to someone, and also, NDR's from my...

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  • Lotus Notes R6 – Deleting Duplicate resources from Room Reservations DB

    I gave a reservations database which has 2 duplicate records which I'd like to remove. Does anyone know how this can be done without deleting all of the reservations associated with the room? The duplicate records were caused by a user who was responsible for a controlled resource and therefore had...

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  • Data repository using Lotus Notes

    Hello, I want to through notes have all excel files automatically sent to a network path daily and have them overwrite daily and have these files automatically sent to specific groups. Any help?

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  • Sending Email by SNDDST to Remote Host

    When I use 'SNDDST' command to send the email (with a PDF file as attachment) to any local host, it works successfully, but when I try the same command to send the email to a remote host (yahoo), I get the reply email message 'Not able to deliver the message... Retries exhausted while attempting to...

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  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5

    I've been told that I need a static IP address in order to set up Microsoft Exchange Server on my Small Business Windows 2003 server. Is this correct ?

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  • Exchange 2003 I/O performance issues

    Hi, Reading Microsoft recommendation, the latency (sec/read or sec/write) for the Exchange database disk (separated from the transaction log disk) should not go above 40 ms average and 100 ms for spike. On my Exchange 2003 server I?m getting 122 ms for the average and 257 ms for the spike. The disk...

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  • DNS Issues – Mail fail to be delivered –

    We have a Windows 2000 server and Trend Micro IMSS SMTP gateway for routing email to the outside. The IMSS is also our content security and email filtering server. For the last couple of weeks we are experiencing a problem with the DNS where the server will fail over to the secondary DNS entry in...

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  • probelem with exchange 5.5

    A user has a problem with incoming mail sent to his account. The senders have sent me the error message and it reads: The following recipient(s) could not be reached: 'user name' on 11/2/2004 8:02 PM The recipient name is not recognized The MTS-ID of the original message is: c=US;a=...

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  • Enterprise IM Solution with message logging and archiving

    Hello, I need to find an Enterprise IM solution that will handle message logging and archiving on the server side, not the client. I've looked at LCS from Microsoft but don't have the budget to upgrade to Exchange 2003 so its a no go. What are some of my other options? BTW the is a project for a...

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  • OWA Problems

    Hai all........ Am Niyas. I am facing some problem in my exchange server2000. My os platform is Domain controller windows 2000 server, Exchange server 2000 enterprice edition. In my office few users they can access OWA, most of the users they can't open the OWA am getting HTTP Error 404, client...

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  • Exchange 2003 Server – Mail Store

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew how to automate retrieving a list of all mailboxes in each mail store. We are running Exchange 2003 server and we have our users split into separate mail stores (e.g. mail store 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc). What I want to do is to extract the list of mailboxes...

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  • Managing Third Party Interfaces of Large System Conversion

    Good morn, This is more of a PM question, but I'll throw it out there ... any feedback would be greatly appreciated? What is the best method for managing 3rd Party Interfaces of a large system conversion? The company is converting its core mission critical system which has an immediate impact on...

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  • Saving an email in an Access Database

    I have a VB6 application that manages tasks. When the status of a tack changes, the program generates an email and sends it thru outlook. I would like to have a table in access to save the emails for the purpose of documentation. Access has a type of object, but when i try to set the field to the...

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  • Question about IT management software-2

    Hello, I am just wondering if anyone knows of some software avialable for IT departments, that say is accessable to users through a company intranet site where a user can go in and log an issue or problem with thier system which goes into a database, then once the issue is resolved the user can go...

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  • Saving an email in an Access Database-2

    I have a VB6 application that manages tasks. When the status of a tack changes, the program generates an email and sends it thru outlook. I would like to have a table in access to save the emails for the purpose of documentation. Access has a type of object, but when i try to set the field to the...

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  • SPAM Addressing Question?

    We recently began getting messages (SPAM) that have a legitimate address in the Send To field. These messages however will get delivered to various individuls in the organization, despite only one address appearing in that Send To field. As an example, a message addressed to john.smith@acme.com...

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  • Exchange Server 2003 Intelligent Message Filter (IMF)

    I'm looking for anyone who has implemented the IMF event sink for SMTP on a production Exchange Server 2003 server? If so can you share how the product is working for you as well as any pitfalls or lessons learned?

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