• Exchange 5.5 – How to export member list information

    I'm working with an Exchange Admin who needs to get a list of members who have access to generic mail accounts. When we look at the properties of the mail account, it lists a sponsor and members. We'd like to be able to export this information for a number of mail accounts. While he can manually...

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  • VPN, DNS, Outlook wackyness

    When some users connect to our company via our VPN their DNS doesn?t get changed to resolve to our internal DNS server. Normally, outside the firewall a ping to mailserver.ourcompany.com will resolve to 206.x.y.z our public IP mx record. Inside the firewall a ping to mailserver.ourcompany.com will...

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  • SMTP Protocol Returned a Permanent Error 552 Error: message too large on DOMINO SERVER 6.5.2 when i send large message 5 Mo

    I upgrade my domino server from 4.6.7 to 6.5.2 and when we send messages greater than 5 Mo we have that notification ->SMTP Protocol Returned a Permanent Error 552 Error: message too large i set in server configuration, router/SMTP, REstrictions and Controls, restrictions that parameter, I had...

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  • Need an Exchange migration guru

    Hello, ITKE techies. My name is Christine Polewarczyk. I am the editor for SearchExchange.com, which is part of the Windows Family of TechTarget sites. Thank you so much for being a participant in ITKE beta. ITKnowledgeExchange is blossoming into a great hub for peer information exchange. I have...

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  • exchange 2003 processor

    We are upgrading to exchange 2003 from 5.5. We are in the process of purchasing hardware for exchange 2003. We are considering Quad processor and Dual Processor HP servers. We currently have approx. 700 user across 3 severs. Total info store is 170 gigs. I was told that exchange 2003 is less CPU...

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  • Exchange 5.5 OWA issue

    I have installation errors occuring when trying to connect OWA server. Current environment: Win2k w/SP4. Installed OWA 5.5 on same network as Exchange server..same domain and network scheme. Can browse and ping each. When connecting to URL errors out Microsoft VBScript runtime error. The funny part...

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  • Exchange 2000 message looping 4.4.6

    A configuration error in the e-mail system caused the message to bounce between two servers or to be forwarded between two recipients. Contact your administrator. <server.domain.co.uk #4.4.6> i have trawled the microsoft sites, all to no avail. Site 1 is an SBS server for a company we have...

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  • MS Office Outlook 2003 Address book

    I use MS office outlook 2003 but this is not adding the e-mail addresses to the address book/contacts automatically when I reply to someone. This feature is available in Outlook express but I didn't find this feature in MSOO 2003. Is there any simple way I can add e-mail ids to contacts /address...

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  • Automatically mapping to Exchange server when user logs in and mapping certain desktop icons to server applications.

    I would like to implement a log in script of some sort that will automatically map to our Exchange server when a user logs in. The domain controller is a Windows 2000 Server and our exchange server is version 5.5. The motivation for this is simply so I do not have to manually setup their Outlook...

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  • Lotus Notes 5 – Folders and Multiple Local Replicas

    First thanks to madkahuna for the link in his reply to the "Lotus Notes 5" question of 14th February. I found the "Detach Move and Link" Agent in the "Sandbox" which does exactly what myself and many colleagues have been looking for several years! Now I have a couple of related questions. First,...

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  • Change Reply Address in Exchange 2003

    We are using BlackBerry Enterprise Server in a hosted environment; when we send out the demo handhelds devices we forward the prospects current email (i.e me@abc.com ) to their newly created mailbox on our Exchange server (i.e. temp@defg.com). This works great accept for when they reply, they are...

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  • Exchange 2003 OWA attachment problem

    Hello Everybody, Windows 2003 std. Server running Exchange 2003 std. Problem: When users are using the Exchange 2003 OWA, they open e-mails that have attachments (little paperclip icon shows up in the Inbox), but there is no attachment to open and/or Save As in the message itself. Mail size shows...

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    Hello...I am trying to FTP an outfile (DSPOBJD of a library) from one AS400 to another. My constraint is that I cannot use a save file because of OS version/release mismatch between the two systems. A simple "put" or creating an outfile at the target before "put" is not working. Is there any other...

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  • Sending SMS to mobile phone using SNDDST/AS400

    Can I send SMS using SNDDST in AS400 without using a third party software? How?

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  • PGP and Lotus notes

    Can a Notes user and a PGP user exchange security keys to send each other encrypted email??

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  • Lotus Script Agent to prepend shortname field?

    I find myself in an aquisition situation where I have to (overnight) update the shortname field in the NAB with the existing shortname @ aquiring company's domain name. I'd like to script this because I have over 1,000 users and would prefer not to manually edit every person document. I understand...

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  • Data base encryption

    We are an I-series shop running V5R2 and have been tasked with encrypting one file on that platform. We do not share this data with other servers. It always remains on the I-series. We currently protect it by revoking all authortity except for one user. Upper management wants encryption. We have...

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  • sync problem with outlook web access

    i have a sbs 2003 at my network and exchange work just fine from my internal lan and all the users accounts are get sync from the server, but unfortunately when users connect to theirs mailbox from outside the network through outlook web access their mailboxes are not getting synchronize from the...

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  • Organizational Forms Library Problem

    I have a faxing application called Zetafax which uses Outlook forms on the client end to compose/receive faxes, etc. I recently upgraded to a newer version and since then I've been having issues with the Organizational Forms library on the Exchange 2000 server. I attempted to delete the folder so I...

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  • recovering a deleted exchange mailbox

    We accidentally deleted a users account and her Exchange mailbox losing about 230mb of mail. Does anyone know how to recover from this without a current backup? This user doesn't have a .pst file that could be uploaded. All of our servers are Windows 2000. One domain controller. One Exchange member...

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