• I have some problem sending and receiving email in my ISA Server 2000 for certain users.

    Hai all I have some problem sending and receiving email in my ISA Server 2000 for certain users. The following are the details about my network. Windows 2000 server domain controller with active directory 150 clients they are using windows 2000 professional with static IP address. Now installed ISA...

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  • can’t receive mails

    hi all, we are able to send mails but are not able to receive from outside.is the problem with DNS or routing or anything else ? thanks for help...

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  • Secure Email Delivery Applications

    I am currently searching for the best application or service to provide end to end security for delivering encrypted emails from one company to another accross the Internet. I need the solutions to provide Smime, PGP, TLS, SSL, etc. My goal is to some how have the app or user decide if the email...

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  • Schedule Server Program To Run On Day 3 Of Each Month

    I have a reporting system that holds a summary of documents from 6 databases. The department admin runs an agent to populate an Excel sheet with summary information from the documents weekly and on the 3rd day of the month. To make the report generation fast, I make all view indexes static and run...

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  • 5.5 to 2003 Exchange Migration snag. Organization and Site Name check reports error.

    Should be a simple migration from old 5.5 server to a new server which will house 2003. When going thorugh the checklists and tests on the 2003 CD, it gets stuck at the Organization and Site Names check saying that the site name "Traffic Planning & Design" contains an unsupported character. Is it...

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  • Cell Phone Applications

    Hello, I am trying to research how to write applications for cell phones (such as wallpaper and ringers for the phones) and am not sure what would be the best language to use to develop these applications and where to look for information on passing the applications to phones after they are...

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  • lotus notes false mail notification

    In one of the R5 lotus notes client iam receiving a false mail notification.Visually it popups a new mail notification.But when we open the inbox and check,there will be no new mail.How can i rectify this?

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  • Banned Words

    I have a user who received an Undeliverable notice today when she sent an email to her sister describing some medical advice her doctor had given her. The message she received back was: You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance, contact your system administrator....

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  • How to configure Disclaimer notice in exchange server for my all users

    Dear All, Hai am Niyas. May I know to configure Disclaimer notice in exchange server for my all users. Am using windows 2000 Domain controller with active directory 150 Client computers with Windows 2000 Professional. Am using Exchange server2000. This is my network details. Plese help me on this....

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  • Authorization in MIGO

    I would like to grant a user authorization to object S_TCODE MIGO (Goods Receipt specifically for Purchase Order (movement type 101) where they could then enter any related data but restrict their activity to HOLD. A subsequent user would have the authorization to POST the document. I have checked...

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  • Production environment is NT4.0 with Exchange 5.5 and two 2003 Domain controller servers.

    Can I duplicate this production environment in a test lab to set myself up for migration of exchange to 2003. Already have a domain controller from production that we deconmissioned for the test lab.

    Dazed10 pointsBadges:

    Is SNDDST possible with a remote DNS (I don't think so). I think everythink necessary is properly configured on our As400 (TCP, SMTP, WRKDIRE....). What should we do?

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  • E-mail and Calendaring solution for 40,000 users

    We are researching a solution to provide E-mail and Calendar for up to 40,000 users. This process would bring together existing users of various messaging platforms most notebly - Exchange, Domino, and POP. These users presently use Outlook, Notes, and browser based clients. The proposed mail...

    Bobhoward30 pointsBadges:
  • Exchange test lab reflecting production network

    How to setup our test lab to reflect production environment. Test lab will have one domain controller with all production accounts(decommisioned AD box from production) and exchange 5.5 (populated mailboxes from offline backup) on NT4.0. Is there a way to set this up in a test environment.

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  • Exchange 5.5 – How to export member list information

    I'm working with an Exchange Admin who needs to get a list of members who have access to generic mail accounts. When we look at the properties of the mail account, it lists a sponsor and members. We'd like to be able to export this information for a number of mail accounts. While he can manually...

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  • VPN, DNS, Outlook wackyness

    When some users connect to our company via our VPN their DNS doesn?t get changed to resolve to our internal DNS server. Normally, outside the firewall a ping to mailserver.ourcompany.com will resolve to 206.x.y.z our public IP mx record. Inside the firewall a ping to mailserver.ourcompany.com will...

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  • SMTP Protocol Returned a Permanent Error 552 Error: message too large on DOMINO SERVER 6.5.2 when i send large message 5 Mo

    I upgrade my domino server from 4.6.7 to 6.5.2 and when we send messages greater than 5 Mo we have that notification ->SMTP Protocol Returned a Permanent Error 552 Error: message too large i set in server configuration, router/SMTP, REstrictions and Controls, restrictions that parameter, I had...

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  • Need an Exchange migration guru

    Hello, ITKE techies. My name is Christine Polewarczyk. I am the editor for SearchExchange.com, which is part of the Windows Family of TechTarget sites. Thank you so much for being a participant in ITKE beta. ITKnowledgeExchange is blossoming into a great hub for peer information exchange. I have...

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  • exchange 2003 processor

    We are upgrading to exchange 2003 from 5.5. We are in the process of purchasing hardware for exchange 2003. We are considering Quad processor and Dual Processor HP servers. We currently have approx. 700 user across 3 severs. Total info store is 170 gigs. I was told that exchange 2003 is less CPU...

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  • Exchange 5.5 OWA issue

    I have installation errors occuring when trying to connect OWA server. Current environment: Win2k w/SP4. Installed OWA 5.5 on same network as Exchange server..same domain and network scheme. Can browse and ping each. When connecting to URL errors out Microsoft VBScript runtime error. The funny part...

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