• Server configuration for an Exchange Server

    I am knew to Exchange Server and want to get a few questions answered from people using Exchange. I am looking to create an Exchange Sever that will serve 50-75 users. I have a few, hopefully basic, questions. First is the server itself. I was looking into a Dell server because the company already...

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  • Email attachment filter – better than file extention.

    Does anyone know if there is some way to filter email attachements on a server that are a little harder to get past than simply renaming the file extention? I have people that rename file.exe to file.bob and my filter does not block this file. I know you can scan attachments for viruses in...

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  • Exchange 5.5 and AD 2003

    Did someone know how to connect an exchange 5.5 with an Active Directory 2003 Domain, the exchange server is installed on a windows 2000 server

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  • edb & stm file size problem in SBS2003 (URGENT)

    Hello, After moving all mails to local pst & taking a full backup of mailbox I checked the size of priv1.edb - 13.5 GB & priv1.stm - 8.5 GB. Where as I have hardly 1.5 GB mails in the mailbox(I check mailboxes under exchange manager) Why there is such a big difference? Please guide me to resolve...

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  • How to change language in Outlook 2003 (URGENT!!!!!!)

    Hello, Can some one guide me to change the language for a particular mailuser on excange2003? Since today morning one of my mail user facing this language problem. i.e. folder list in outlook or webmail is in german. Kindly help me out to solve this problems. Looking forward for your co operation....

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  • Conference rooms in Exchange & Outlook

    I am looking for the best way to handle conference rooms within Exchange and Outlook to make them easy to schedule, update, and access. I have Exchange 2003 on a Windows 2003 Server and I have 9 conference/meeting rooms. Right now I have a calendar setup for each one and the person has to go in and...

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  • Outlook PST file conversion issue…

    We got a user who had Office 2k and who was recently updated to Office 2k3. In that Migration, his OL PST files seem ok EXCEPT for the Japanese characters and text within. This has all been garbled up and is unlegible. Anyone have any clue as to what to do about the PST file conversion in regards...

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  • Resizing the mailbox size………….

    Hi, I don't know how can I resize the mailbox size or an email size that a user can send or recieve!!?? 1-How can I make a large emailbox? How can I set a user can send or recieve a large email or changing the default size? 2-How can I make 2 mailbox for a user for example a1@domain.com and...

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  • SBS2000 and Exchange

    I have an SBS2000 server which I am trying to replace with a new SBS2003 Server. Due to certain issues I tried to upgrade the 2000 box to SBS2003 but this would not complete due to not being able to locate all Domain Controllers. Whilst I believe this to be an error, it has resulted in a problem...

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  • Outllok 2003 Rules Wizard error

    I am trying to add additional new rule in outlook 2003, but while adding it is the following error. "One or more rules could not be uploaded to exchange server and have been deactivated. This could be because of some of the parameters are not supported or there is insufficient space to store your...

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  • Outlook Web Access Not Authenticating

    I am having an issue with authenticating on Outlook Web Access. Quick history: We had an exchange crash and I had to do a disaster recovery. Importing the mailboxes proved difficult but we prevailed (mostly) in the end. Some attachments lost. Still working on that. After a few days of working ok,...

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  • Hidden Recipients Question

    Hi all, I have hidden a recipient from the address list. However, when I do this, I cannot set up a profile to access the mailbox. I can only send a message to them if I use their username@domain format. Also, I want others to be able to access this hidden recipients calendar. How would I set this...

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  • Exchange Update

    I have a server 2000 with exchange 2000 enterprise edition and I want to update server to windows 2003. Before I have to update exchange 2000 to 2003. But the problem is my exchange 2003 is standard edition and it's not upgradable from exchange 2000 enterprise edition. Please give me a solution. I...

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  • My POP3 users cannot send mail outside the server

    I have an Exchange 2003 server. My POP3 users can receive email from anywhere in the world and send email to the users inside the server but they cannot send mail outside the server; I get a relaying denied. I have everything set that I can think of, but nothing helps.

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  • Windows Mobile 2005 (WM 5.0) Certificate Issues.

    As we are dealing with a lot of Windows Mobile 2005 / WM 5.0 devices, one problem has become increasingly apparent: whenever a customers server is setup using an Invalid certificate when using SSL, the device cannot sync with exchange. I have tried to install the certificates using a specially...

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  • Key Word Searching Exchange 2003

    Is it possible to Key Word searh Exchange 2003. Here is the senario, Lets say I have a email address abc@xyz.com and I want to find out if any of my users have been in contact with that email address. Is there any way I can seach Exchange for that information. Thanks HW

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  • route mail with fax service in sbs 2003

    i have a sbs 2003 on my network and i configure him to get all the fax of my company, the only problem is that when i configure him to route all the incoming fax to some mail it does not seem to work, i check the event log and i get error 32083 and with this massage: Unable to route fax C:Documents...

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  • Exchange 2003

    Recently i have come accross to this unknown situation. We have exchange 2k3 in our company and 2000 DC. When I created new users and distribution groups the email address did not appear on their profile. It was fine just a week ago and this seems to just happen suddenly. Even when I tried to...

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  • Is There any freeware tool available to delete mails in Public Folders??

    Hi Group, Can anybody here help me out in finding out a tool to delete mails in Public folders in Exchange server 2003. The actual purpose is to delete piled up mails for last year. It would be helpfull if any of you share your ideas to serve this purpose. Thanks in Advance!!

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  • Blocking external email

    I have Win2003 server and Exchange 2003 server. When I want to block specific users from receiving outside email, I go into AD and select the Exchange General tab, then Delivery Restricions, then under Message restrictions I check the box labled 'From Authenticated users only'. This does in fact...

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