• Problems to copy templates between servers

    Hello, I've copied a master template from server A to server B, and I've deleted the template from server A. The new template(server B) I want will be a master template. Then I go to database properties and in design tab, I want that this database will be a master template, but when I write the...

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  • Copy templates between servers

    Hello, My Domino administrator has change a database from Server A to Server B, and I have to do the same with templates. But my problem arrive, when in properties for NTF, in Design Tab, I mark that "This DB is a template" and put the name for it. When I close the properties and open again, the...

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  • How change the documents are “unprocessed” to “processed”

    hello, i have an agent that run after mail has arrived. My Script take all unprocessed documents in database and after send this document to other people. I want that this document change the status to "process", and the next time the agent run this document don't take. I don't know if I'm explain...

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  • SMTP Error 554, Lotus notes

    Hi I am on domino 6.5. The problem i am facing is that all my towards Internet from my domain is going fine, except AOL.COM... When sending a mail to AOL.COM i see error 554, Transaction failed in consol. Can anyone let me know what to check plz? Thanks Mani

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  • Disableing a user in domino

    Hi there, I have a little question, I am using 6.5 Domino and need to "disable" a user for a while... I couldn't find disable user option in Administrator... How to acomplish that..... Thanks in advance Regards Mani

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  • Display Lotus notes documents in web page

    I want to display the documents of a dominodatabase as a report in any of the browsers using java/javascript/JSP. This is possible or not? Give me some references.

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  • Page cannot be displayed

    I have an domino application hosted on a domino server 6.5.3 on a Windows 2003 standard server. This server is in a DMZ and has a public IP Address as well as an internal IP Address. I am able to open the application via the the internal IP Address, however I get the "Page cannot be displayed"...

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  • Calling perl script with function Shell in Lotus Notes Agent

    Hi, I have to call a perl script in a Lotus Notes agent written in Lotus Script. I use the following function resul=Shell("c:perlbinperl.exe " & pathname) where pathname is the path of my perl script to run. Agent is scheduled to run on server but it doesn't work. Could you say me if my code is...

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  • Top and bottom Margin

    With Lotus Notes V5 or V6 client, I need to print a document with a pre-set top margin and bottom margin. How do I pre-set these settings programmatically, and print out the document from Notes Client?

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  • WebQuerySave Error

    I am having problems getting a WebQuerySave agent to run. The application was developed using R5 and the agent and form ran as they should. I made small modifications to a completely unrelated form and saved it using designer 6.5. After doing this, anytime I tried to save a document I received a...

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  • performing view look up on click

    hi, i have to web-enable a lotus notes database. the database has a welcome page with several links. on the sub click event of the links, a look up is performs on different views. when the document exists in the view, the document is displayed else 'under construction' is displayed. I can view the...

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  • web enabled lotus notes databases

    hi, 1st --> we have two servers, ServerA and ServerB, both servers have the same configuration.. there is an application in serverA with documents viewable in IE.. I made a new copy of this application in ServerB (not a replica), the documents are no longer viewable in IE.. i get the error 'page...

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  • Dynamically display computed subform based on combobox selection

    I need to display a computed subform when a user selects an entry in a combo box. I have subforms named corresponding to the entries in the combo box and it is set up to refresh on keyword change. The subform formula specifies the the combo box name. Is seems this should be a no-brainer but doesn't...

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  • Creating a text email using LotusScript

    How do I create a text email to a user who is not using notes as their email program. Situation, we have users that are using outlook and some using notes to receive mail. The problem is that when the application in notes sends out the email, the fields are viewable by users with the notes client...

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  • Printing from WEb based domino app

    We have a web app running on Domino 6.0.2CF1. As part of what it does we need to print varios info at client end. One way we do this is to create a form in lotusscript agent with html, send it back to client browser and call printwindow(). The other way is to create a word document using OLE in...

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  • @DBColumn or @DBLookup for a web site to another Database on the same server.

    This is driving me crazy...I am simply trying to lookup values in a view on another database in the same folder on our domino server. I am not the admin, but a designer. We want to be able to web enable our databases so the users could be anonymous or not need notes to do data entry. Also, we could...

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  • Crystal Report Print Engine API in Domino

    Hi, I would like to print crystal report using Print Engine API. As refer to some of the discussion, global.nsf & global32.lss are the example that requested to refere to, but I found that these 2 example are from older version of crystal report and Notes. The object that used in the Lotus Script...

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  • system address book and local address book

    I am trying to put the users in my system address book (names.nsf) into a user?s local address book. I have done this by creating a local replica of system names.nsf, giving it a different name on the local machine. I have set up replication so that changes to the system names.nsf will be...

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  • Domino Database Last Used

    Does anyone have any tools they developed to search all the databases on a server(s) and report on them based on the last modified or created date? Or even point me in the correct direction. I am a rookie. Thanks.

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  • Is it possible to use Javascript to pull data from a cell within an Excel spreadsheet when the notes form is displayed via a browser ? IE 5.5 or above.

    Is it possible to use Javascript to pull data from a cell within an Excel spreadsheet when the notes form is displayed via a browser ? IE 5.5 or above. For clarification, the term ?user? refers to the browser user. The term ?customer? refers to the notes designer's customer who wants the button to...

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