• Delphi 5

    How to check the database field if null then populate the grid cell with zero else with the value entered in the cell. while not eof do begin grdDeal.Cells[0,iRow] := FieldByName('WORKBASKET_DESC').asString; if ( FieldByName('PRODUCT_DEAL_NO').asString = null) then grdDeal.Cells [1,iRow] := 0 else...

    Rajalakshmi08240 pointsBadges:
  • Delphi

    How to assign value to the cell inside the grid in the code like grd.cells[col,row] : =0 is trhe above stmt correct.Kindly tell the correct one.

    Rajalakshmi08240 pointsBadges:
  • delphi problem

    i use QRDOTEXT from another form and i changed a name of this but a see hint , i don't know i should do another things ,QRDOTEX does true but i see hints[Hint] Unit3.pas(160): Value assigned to 'j' never used [Hint] Unit3.pas(153): Variable 's' is declared but never used in 'TFrmReport.print_ghabz'...

    Szahirnia5 pointsBadges:
  • Barcode problem

    Hi. I have 2 problems in the software that i am doing: 1)I made a function on the textbox_changed so when he reads the barcode he will search in the database for the product info. The problem is that he is searching for each letter or number. ex: 56874474444 he will search after the 5, then after...

    Mmm5550 pointsBadges:
  • help in delphi

    hi all. i am making a program in delphi and i have some questions: 1) does anyone knows any useful components other than TMS,LMD and raize ? 2) does anyone knows the code that accept barcode for stock stuff ? 3) does anyon eknows where i can find program and their codes so i can practise more ? 4)...

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  • a delphi prob

    hi all. i am doing a delphi program about changing a text to an enigma text. but the problem i have is how to change a character to integer(in other way how to change a letter to ascii code in delphi ?). thx. Michel

    Mmm5550 pointsBadges:
  • delphi problems

    i have some problems in a program i am doing in delphi. 1- first i have a problem in creating a code to accept the barcode in a textfield or else. 2- secondly i am trying to find the code that change from ascii to integer. thx.

    Mmm5550 pointsBadges:
  • Delphi run-time error

    Hi, I run a lot of compiled Delphi executables [some which are registered and some which are not] and have seen the following error [in a number of forms]: Exception EOleSysError in module <SomeApplicationName>.exe at <SomeAddress> <VeryShortDescriptionOfError> The...

    Mattaux0 pointsBadges:

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