• Using SAP EDI

    Hello, I am new to SAP EDI. I like to send purchase orders to vendors via EDI. Can i use BAPI or Function module or BDC to do it ? Would this be like creating a flat file and send to vendor ? Must i use IDOC since i am sending info out to vendors ? What are the requirements to perform an EDI here ?...

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  • Table containing the text for authorization objects field

    Hi, 1. Can anyone tell me the name of the table which has the text for the authorization objects field. e.g. authorization object :a_a_view field: view. where do i get the text for these fields?

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  • PI_BASIS Plugins and BI Content question.

    Hi,I am trying to update my ABA,BASIS,BW3.1 support packages. I notice that there is only PI_BASIS_2003 on my system amongs the other packages. On the SAP support package download website there is PI_BASIS_2002,PI_BASIS_2003 and PI_BASIS_2004. Now seeing that there only 2003 on my system,installed...

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  • Problem in Kernel upgrade

    We are using SAP 4.7 (620) in windows 2003 oracle 9.2 environment. Our plateform id is 560. We want to upgrade our kernel. We have downloaded following pathces from ocs site (32 bit) in our system. DBATL620Q92_133-10001667 DW_1826-10001664 ENQ_1826-10001664 LIB_DBSL_1684-10001667...

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  • SAPDBA not working in ORACLE database

    Dear BASIS Experts, SAPDBA is not working in one of my Server . When I run it gives the error The environment variable NLS_LANG =american_america.we8dec differs form DB value AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8DEC. Adjust the environment according to DB value !. SAPDBA terminates because data corruption would be...

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  • How to re-feed SAP data back to Taxware?

    I am using R/3 V46B and Taxware. Our financial info feeds into Taxware automatically. At one time, we lost 1 day of data going to Taxware. How can I re-feed those missing data into Taxware again ? Those missing doc are still in SAP. Any notes or any suggestions ? Thank you.

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  • Finding source of database growth in SAP R/3

    Our DB grew by much more than usual last month and I'm curious to find the source. In DB02 it is possible to look at the historical growth of specific tables, or all tables in a tablespace (my DB is Oracle), but I haven't found a way of getting a list of how much each table (or each table in a...

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  • SAP Authorisations

    If Authorization object S_tcode has a particular transaction code then does that mean the user can only start this particular transaction or can he execute it to the fullest. e.g.If s_tcode has va01 then can he create and do everything possible with this transaction code ,or does it depend on any...

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  • EDSDC table updates

    I'm looking for an alternative solution to having the BASIS team open the client so that I can update table EDSDC for new EDI trading partners. This is time consuming for them and our EDI team. This table is not transportable. How do other customers perform these updates? Any help will be greatly...

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  • Table where the material master, sales text view, sales text is stored?

    I need to extract the sales text from the material master (MM02) sales text view. Can this be done with SE16N and if so, what table is it stored in? SAP R/3 4.6c Thanks

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