• Remote Function Calls

    Hi, I have to pass a value from an SAP screen exit to a third-party tool -- Albany verify, which is in VB 6.0 -- to validate the value passed from SAP. I also need a return value back to SAP on the validation performed in the third party tool. Does anyone have any tips?

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  • Debugging IDOC outbound for purchase order

    I created an outbound SAP IDOC for purchase order. It seems that program RSNASTED and form EDI_PROCESSSING is used to create to IDOC. I need to make changes to omit certain fields in a segment. I turned on the debugger. So i created a purch order and the debugger should stop at form EDI_PROCESSING....

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  • Financials — reversing individual cash flows

    Hi, I'm having problems reversing individual cash flows. When in deal - change transaction I press the "reversal" icon. It highlights whole deal, and the message says "select one flow only". How do I reverse flow for a deal? Can anyone tell me the steps?

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  • IDocs vs. BAPI

    I am looking for the advantages and disadvantages of IDocs over BAPIs. While designing an interface in SAP, which methodology is best?

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  • printing headaches

    I have a printer problem. The printer is taking A3 paper instead of A4. This problem has occurred for a few weeks now. Other applications using the same printer, like Word and Excel, are taking A4 paper. I have version 4.6 C. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem?

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  • RFC question

    I have a VB program which connects to SAP and calls an RFC-enabled function module. The RFC module selects several rows of data from different tables and stores these in an internal table as an export parameter. Can this lead to a data_buffer_exceeded exception?

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  • Regarding printer problem.

    I am facing a printer problem. System is having version 4.6C When the printout is given the printer takes A3 paper intead of A4.The other applications like word,excel when uses this printer, those documents gets printed on correct paper size. Any solutions !!!!!

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    Where can I find well-defined and clear-cut descriptions of SAP SRM reconciliation capabilities? Possibly a demo? Or FAQs and pros and cons about the capability?

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  • Question about setting up ALE link

    Hi I am a SAP Trainee, pls forgive me if the question is very simple to answer. My Question: Offlate I am encountering difficulties in setting up an ALE link for my sys.These are the few steps which I have taken pls let me know if this is right a. Created a communication user in SU01 b. Named the...

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  • Configuring access for BSP in mySAP CRM

    My company recently installed mySAP CRM 4.0. When I tried to run the CRM BSP Application by adding the BSP Application to my favorites (CRMD_CASE), it started the browser but hit an error indicating: 'HTTP 403 (Forbidden): You are not authorized to view this page' What do we need to configure to...

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  • .NET worth it?

    We have a big VB5 application and we intend to integrate it with SAP. We do not want to convert the VB app to .NET. This will be a huge task. Since DCOM connector is no longer supported, what is the alternative for connecting to SAP from our VB app.?

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  • Is there an XML function module?

    I am working on an SAP project, and I have a text file in XML format that I need to read in SAP. Is there any function module to read a text file in XML format?

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  • ABAP coding for XML

    Is it possible to use ABAP to code XML ? Am in R/3 v46B. Would anyone have a sample of this program using XML tag like <>, </>, "" ?? Say i want to extract open purchase orders into XML file. If you have a sample program, it would be very helpful. Any suggestions are most welcome. Thank...

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  • sap installation error…

    hi friends... i am trying to install sap r/3 4.6c on windows 2000 advanced server with oracle 8i ( but i experience some error at 69 %.the error is as following... Info: DBR3LOADEXECDUMMY_IND_IND InternalWarmKeyCheck 2 725 Set R3LOAD_RESUME to: YES. Info: InstController MakeStepsDeliver 2...

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  • Checklist of common taksks and T.shoot examples

    Can anyone give me... 1) Checklist of 10 - 20 most important and commonly performed tasks by the Basis Administrator. Step-by-step instructions if possible w/ screenshots. 2) Realtime SAP Basis TROUBLESHOOTING scenarios with Solutions. Thanks

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  • Outputting report data to MS Excel.

    Hi, I have created a new ABAP report which outputs in ALV format. The problem is that when I try to output to MS EXCEL with the keys CTRL+SHIFT+F7, I get the error message: ?Message no. 0K412 Template not found in BDS - Layout: Template-Guid:?. Any help and advice on this would be much appreciated....

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  • SAPFAQ – I don’t get any emails – Why?

    Hello All, I've been a long-time member of SAPFAQ and last week I had to change my email address because I finished a project. Since then I haven't received one single email. What has happened? (I just called TechTarget, the company that recently purchase SAPFAQ, and they were not able to figure it...

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  • Authorization in SAP

    Hi, If I find out all the authorizations objects that a particular user has, and using that get the transactions that uses those authorization objects, I will get the list of transactions along with the details of what the user can do within that transaction.i have this list and now to get to the...

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  • changing a background

    Could anyone send me the form explaining how to change the background picture in SAP?

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  • Directory structure – SAP Installation

    Hello All, We are in the process of preparing the server for installation of MySAP ERP 2004 SR1. I have one questions related to the directory structure. The installation guide says the directory structure should be /oracle/<DBSID>, /usr/sap/<DBSID> etc. However, we would like to have...

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