Hello everyone, I recently downloaded the MMAIL Utility for Windows from http://www-922.ibm.com/mmailh/wmimemenu.htm I believe it installed successfully, but I get the following error for several functions like edit, display or open mime files. Error: "The value specified for one of the parameters...

    Orozcojoe0 pointsBadges:

    This may sound stupid but I have not used OPNDBF command till now. I tried to use it thinking it will perform the same function as opening a database file in a COBOL program. I issued OPNDBF in a CL program and then tried to read records within a COBOL program without opening it in the COBOL...

    Pgsdeb20 pointsBadges:
  • RPGLE Build in function (BIF)

    It is imposable for me to set the length of Variable-Length Field D ServUser S 30A VARYING D IDLenth S 3i 0 C Eval %Len(ServUser) = IDLenth After this statement length of field ServUser still is 30 pos long. In Debug mode I get the message CPF7E2B: Type compatibility error occurred. Thank you for...

    Igor0010 pointsBadges:
  • Possible to transfer ASCII file from IFS to mainframe?

    Steve has a question about transfering an ASCII file from the IFS to a mainframe. He writes, "I'm being told that I can't transfer an ASCII file from AS/400 IFS to our mainframe. It transfers OK using Connect:Direct, but the file is unreadable. I can quite happily read the file on the IFS from my...

    MichelleDavidson515 pointsBadges:
  • What are these false hardware errors?

    Pat ran into this problem when applying PTFs. He writes, "We are running V5R2. When applying the CUMs, I always do the HIPER and DATABASE PTFs before I do the CUM. I IPL between the two groups. During my last two CUM applies, I got false hardware errors that halted the IPL. The first time I got the...

    MichelleDavidson515 pointsBadges:
  • How to restore files to a different library

    Recently this user wrote the editors at Search400.com with this question: "I'm trying to restore files (which are currently journeyed) to a different library, but I don't want them to be journaled, as I'm just using them for testing. Once I've restored them, I have to stop the journalling for each...

    MichelleDavidson515 pointsBadges:
  • Download Spool file to Excel Format

    Hi Guys, Do you have any idea how to download the Spool Files(WRKSPLF with PRTF) to Microsoft Excel?   Thanks Mickey

    SoulReaper20 pointsBadges:
  • Access LDA for job waiting on a JOBQ

    Is there a way to access the LDA for a job that is waiting in the JOBQ? I want to write a program to monitor jobs in a JOBQ and move them to other JOBQs based on information that is in the LDA.

    DaveMi0 pointsBadges:
  • tape backup and system save

    My recent attempt to run a system save with "Go Save" and option 21 did nothing after about an hour the system unlocked and I had to IPL to allow other users to access the server. Could this be a problem of using a tape that was not initialized?. If so what is a command to initialize a tape? We...

    Clwaid25 pointsBadges:
  • how to find out jbcpu of individual object or users

    i want to take a report for the usage of each project and each user in the server. so please help me to take the report.

    Velans0 pointsBadges:
  • ODBC Request from iSeries to Excel

    I am trying to use an ODBC DSN I have created, that uses the iSeries Access for Windows Driver, to download data from a file in QUSRSYS, to Excel. I have to download from QUSRSYS because the file is IBM supplied. Note: QUSRSYS appears in QSYSLIBL system value. The problem I have is that unless I...

    PaulThomas0 pointsBadges:
  • Validity Checking Program – RSTLIB

    I'm trying to write a vality checking program for RSTLIB. Having problems identifying and declaring all of the parameters for the RSTLIB command. I have read somewhere there are hidden parameters that complicate the process. Has anyone ever done this or can someone point me in a direction for...

    S510lka0 pointsBadges:
  • Stream Files (STMF)

    We have three Stream files that I need to copy into standard ISeries database files used in our ERP system. I found the 'CPYFRMSTMF' command, but this cmd seems to allow copies only to other Stream type files with directories.(QSYS.LIB) Does anyone know how to copy a stream file into an actual...

    Jallison0 pointsBadges:
  • Officevision

    I recently move over to another machine and still at 4.5. I am now having problems with Officevision. Not all the items I had before are there. I am also having problem with data transfer.

    deputy825 pointsBadges:
  • Need help using RUNRMTCMD

    Greg is experimenting with the RUNRMTCMD on the AS/400 from a command line. He writes, "Can I run a VRPG exe on my local PC from the AS/400? If so, how? I keep getting a message CPE3447 'A remote host did not respond within the timeout period'. First, where can I get my local PC name? Second, how...

    MichelleDavidson515 pointsBadges:
  • Summer to winter time

    We are running 8 AS400's with Os400/V5.3. These machines run 24/7. At the end of this month, the clocks go back an hour to winter time. Is there a way that l can automate the clock setting (in-flight) without destroying the time-stamping on these machines or do l have to stop each AS400, wait one...

    Pricei0 pointsBadges:

    I am in the process of doing a system migration from a V5R2 Production Box, to a V5R3 "Soon To Be" Production Box. My question is, "Is there a tool (or program) that I can run, which will compare Cmd parameters for CHGCMDDFT, CHGCMD commands between the 2 systems ? I need to be able to ensure that...

    Zenmaster235 pointsBadges:
  • Object Connect

    Is anyone currently using object connect to move objects between partitions? I am running v5r3 and need to find a way around given the user *allobj to use the savrstobj command.

    Mstallings0 pointsBadges:
  • Trouble Editing Data on iSeries from Web Application

    Hello. I'm having a problem editing data in a database file on my AS400. I have an application server set up on the same machine and I've created a data source to access the files in my library. The provider is "DB2 for OS400 V5R1 JDBC Provider", the database name is "*LOCAL" and the library name...

    Cmorre0 pointsBadges:
  • CUM PTF apply

    The last two times I applied a CUM, the IPL did not complete because of false hardware errors. I was told by IBM that the microcode must have "gotten confused". I had to manual IPL from the B side which worked fine, then reIPL unattended to actually get the PTFs to apply. There was never any...

    Pat470 pointsBadges:

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