• IBM: Another money-grabbing company?

    Mark wrote in with this statement recently: "It seems to me that IBM's artificial limit on the number of interactive processes that can run on the iSeries is greedy and immoral. We pay for the hardware, and for an artificial limit to its use to be imposed on us unless we pay through the nose is...

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  • Number of records for a file

    Mike wrote in with this question recently: "Is it possible to find out the number of records for a file on the iSeries from a mainframe FTP?" Do you know? -- Debra Tart, associate editor, Search400.com

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  • Resetting the main console to DSP01

    Joe wrote in with this question recently: "My main console is set to DSP02. What key combination should I use to set it back to DSP01?" Do you know? -- Debra Tart, associate editor, Search400.com

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  • Source for a the DSPPGMMSG command

    Dan wrote in with this question recently: "I'm trying to find the source for a command called: DSPPGMMSG. I have version 3.2 RPG & CL. I'm trying to run on a 5.2 box and this command is used extensively throughout the CL's. Any info would be greatly appreciated." Can you help Dan out? -- Debra...

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  • IBM’s new operating system V5R4

    IBM will be releasing the new operating system V5R4 early in the year. What are your thoughts on this release? Do you plan to upgrade? Let us know. Deb Tart Associate editor, Search400.com

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  • Time Stamp Issues

    Two questions about time stamp: 1. Is there a way to copy members/files etc so that the new member/file will still have the original time stamp (change date etc.) 2. Is there a way to update the member/file change date/time to a specific date/time (without actually saving it) ? thanks !!

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  • verify data file

    Hi everyone! I've a CL program that copies a spool file into a PF file. Is there any way to compare both files, in order to assure they have the same information? Thanx in advance :) Meli

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  • Message in FTP session

    I am looking for a way to put a non-disclosure message when people signon to our system with FTP. What would be the best method??

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  • SNDDST with .csv or .xls attachment

    Can someone tell me how to send an attachment with a .csv or .xls? When I try, it sends it as .txt and when you open it up, it's all garbage! Also, how can I add headings to an .xls or .csv when using cpytoimpf. All I'm getting now is just data. Thanks!

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  • QSYSOPR msg que

    My Qsysopr msg que is wrapping every second. I am unable to pinploint which job is causing the issue. The CPI2420 message suggests that each entry is the culprit. How can I make adjustments in order to get around or fix my issue? Any and all ideas are welcome.

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  • Send a message to a message subfile

    Nitin wrote in with this question recently: "How can I send a message to a message subfile from a sub procedure that is called from main procedure." Do you know how this can be done? -- Debra Tart, associate editor, Search400.com

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  • Direct an SQL statement

    Alex wrote in with this question recently: "I'm using VB code in an Excel spreadsheet to extract data from an iSeries multi-member file. Is there a way to direct the SQL statement I'm building to look at a specific member?" Do you know how this can be done? -- Debra Tart, associate editor,...

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  • How are iSeries logs maintained?

    Gaurav wrote in with this question recently: "I want to know how the logs are maintained in the iSeries? Can I get the logs for User/Group addition, modification, deletion?" Do you know how the logs are maintained? Gaurav sure could use your help. -- Debra Tart, associate editor, Search400.com

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  • Using SQLRPG on a DDM File

    Hi, I need to access a DDM file via SQLRPG -since SQL does not directly support DDM -can it be done by first using OVRDBF on the DDM file to override it to a local file and then use SQLRPG ? Help would be much appreciated for a project I am currently working on. Thank you! Ruwan

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  • Problems with the print screen functions

    Sean wrote in with this question recently: "I?m having an issue using the print screen function of iSeries Client Access since we upgraded it to 5.7. The print screen just prints blank pages. I've checked the page setup options, and they look fine -- 10 CPI 6 LPI, and Courier font (tried both...

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  • Allowing users to change other user?s passwords

    Deb wrote in with this question recently: "Is there a way to allow a user to change passwords for other users without giving them access to the entire user profile? We have a small shop, and I'd like to share this ability with some of our late night staff. However, I'm reluctant to give them the...

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  • Is it possible to send a file via SNDDST in lower-case?

    Hi! I'm currently using the SNDDST command to send a file in an e-mail but event though the file name is in lower-case, the SNDDST command forces it to upper-case. Is there any way i can get past that to have the file name in the mail in lower-case ?

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  • Watching users on an iSeries – in GUI mode

    We are upgrading to Rel 5.0 of VAI's ERP package, and will be using their GUI interface. We have many, non-technical people, who help train users across the country. They have been using Peekplus, by Bytware, to watch their trainees. This product does not support GUI. Does anyone know a...

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  • Updating a VSAM file

    Tim wrote in with this question recently: "I need to update a VSAM file on a mainframe connected to an AS/400 -- via TCP/IP. Ideally, I would like to add/delete/update a record on the AS/400 and have the database issue a call to a CICS program on the mainframe, pass data to the CICS program and...

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  • RTVQRYF (Back in time)

    Hi, I have recently joined a company which hasn't moved on since I was there last in 1990 !!! We still use RPG3 and Query (no ILE or SQL for us) Anyway my question. We need to create a utility which will find all queries that use or write to a file. I have downloaded the RTVQRYF cmd from the...

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