• AS400 Flat files

    Hi, I have a flat files which contains address, phone numbers, etc.. i want to update the address (ABC..) and phone numbers (1234..) for all the records commenly which is placed in some position in the file. Can any one suggest me that how it can be done (any qry or program)? - Jack Spenzer

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  • AS400 I have a flat physical file,this flat file will be updated daily by datewise.I have to use an CLP for copying the records by the datewise daily

    I have a flat physical file ,this flat file will be updated daily by date wise . I have to use an CLP for copying the records by the date wise daily and copy that data to another Physical file and change the naming conventions of the file and send the data to mainfram system using FTP( FTP too we...

    Sunilinline25 pointsBadges:

    Hi Am trying to move a data structure to a flat file.The flat file field name is SASAM. The error is The Result-Field operand SASAM is not valid for the specified operation. The data to be written is CCODE and then the value in HCMPYV. Please find code snippet for ur reference FSASAM IF A E DISK F...

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    Am trying to write to a flat file from a pf using data structures but am getting some errors 'The name specified previously is defined as file or record name. Specification ignored ' Heres the sample code FABCL01 IF E K DISK FDEF O E DISK A F DEF KRENAMEDA100 IABFLAT DS I 1 8 AADT I 9 10 AACM I 11...

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  • rpg/400

    while i am compiling the below program compile sucessfull and write the records into SA100 (Flatfile). C READ APHL01 C *IN20 DOWEQ *OFF C EVAL EDTE = APIRDT C EVAL CCDE = APCMPY C EVAL ERPN = PHDCPX + %EDITC(PHDCSQ:'X') C EVAL FYEAR = PHDCYR C EVAL INVNO = APINV C EVAL INVDT = AINVDT C WRITE SA100...

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  • Suffix a record using SQL

    Hi guys, any ideas how to suffix a record (as400 flat file) using SQL? thanks

    Rockleadme385 pointsBadges:

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