• Query on ovrdbf

    My RPGLE program call stack is as follows -Pgm1 calls Pgm2 calls Pgm3Pgm1 overrides a file to library1Pgm3 uses the same overrideNow, in my Pgm2, I want to override the same file to my library, and then delete the override after Pgm3 call is completed from Pgm2. Something as below in Pgm2.Current...

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  • RPGLE DSPF filtering based on multiple columns

    Looking for suggestions on one issue. I have a DSPF with filtering allowed for multiple columns like - Column1, Column2, Column3. User can input values for any of these columns or all columns at once or even can leave those as blank. My requirement is, initially when i display the screen, I load...

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  • Compare each and every field of a file using RPGLE

    I am developing an utility for logging the changes made to a PF. The file has 20 fields in it. Currently, i am writing logic like below - D File E DS EXTNAME(File1) * D P_File E DS EXTNAME(File1) Prefix(P_)C If Field1 <> P_Field1C Eval BeforeImage = P_Field1C Eval AfterImage = Field1C Eval...

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  • how to generate datasturcture fields dynamically

    DFLDNO DS DFLD1 1 DFLD2 1 DFLD3 1 DFLD4 1 DFLD5 1 DFLD6 1 DFLD7 1 DFLD8 1 DFLD9 1 DFLD10 1 DFLD11 1 dara40 1 DIM(11) overlay(fldno:1)i want to define data structure fields dynamically and fields are from display file fields

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  • Override not found at specified level

    My RPGLE pgm1 has following command - OVRDBF FILE(File1) TOFILE(&OVRLIB/File1) + WAITRCD(&LOCKWAIT) SECURE(*YES) + OVRSCOPE(*CALLLVL) SHARE(*NO) There are 7-8 programs called after this. The last program has below statement -DLTOVR FILE1This particular statement fails with the message...

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  • Barcode print with spaces in rpgle

    Hi, When we are printing a barcode in rpgle its printed with space for example LOTID has 10 charactor length and has value AS0001 so its printing barcode with 4 space. DDSA 52 40 HLOTID 10 78 A BARCODE(CODE3OF9 4 *HRZ *HRITOP)A SPACEA(005)

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  • grouping data in rpgle

    I have sample data in file as below - (Model/Library/Format is key field in PF)Model Library Format LastDate-------- ---------- --------- -----------Model1 Lib1 Fmt1 1-Oct Model2 Lib2 Fmt2 2-OctModel1 Lib1 Fmt1 10-SepModel1 Lib2 Fmt2 5-Sep Below is the format I need the information- (#TimesPrinted...

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  • OVRDBF to QTEMP and using in RPGLE

    I have below CL source where I am overriding STDOUT to QTEMP file. I have a RPGLE program (this RPGLE calls CL program) where I want to read from this QTEMP file and process the records. The reason why i have used QTEMP is, I do not want to create the file in any library. However, how can I compile...

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  • Select highest sequence in SQL400

    Please suggest a feasible solution to address this issueExample output with duplicates (seq 133 and 160): Expectation is to pick only seq 160 by excluding 133: DSBLC DSRMB BDLDD DSUSR DSSEQ 4 55 190,613 CAVC01 133 4 55 190,613 CRPE01 160 Query used in RPGLE program in a scroll-able cursor: select...

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  • Converting AS/SET generated programs to standard RPG

    I have several old RPG programs developed with AS/SET. AS/SET has been discontinued and I have to rebuild those programs.I suppose that IT professionals faced with this problem may have solved it, in the past, without having to code the programs manually. Please, if you're one of them, let me know...

    Roldao5 pointsBadges:
  • Issue with amount fields with decimals

    I have an excel spreadsheet which i copied to AS400 stream file, and then copied from stream file in IFS to a database file using CPYFRMIMPF but the amount fields whihc i had has value as "21100" which should be treated as 211.00 in database but it copied as "21100.00" . How to resolve this issue?...

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  • x’25’ vs x’20’ AS400

    I have a text field 'SAMPLE DATA' displayed on screen. I read each character of the field and set 2nd character as x'25' (green/underline/reverse image) and 5th character as x'20' (Green). Am i right to say that, i should be expecting to see as below - S - normal green AMP - green underlined...

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  • QCMDEXC error

    Hi Team, I am using below code but it's giving me this error :-*RNF5343 30 1 Array has too many omitted indexes; specification is ignore Code:- SEU==> AP2 FMT D .....DName+++++++++++ETDsFrom+++To/L+++IDc.Keywords++++++++++++++++++++ *************** Beginning of data...

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  • How to check if the record exists in a file without reading it using file information data structure and SETLL

    Hi, Below piece of code is trying to use file information data structure without reading the file but it's not showing correctly records do exists in the declared file but program shows blanks only please advise. *************** Beginning of data ************************************* 01.00 FPFBOOKS...

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  • How to call 2 different programs from a same rpgle program.

    Hi, How can we call two different programs from a same RPGLE program? And these 2 called programs are also simple rpgle programs only.Thanks

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  • Exiting a Progress bar DDS/RPGLE

    Hello everyone; I am stuck. I have a progress bar running on a FOR loop and it needs to run until this input file that the FOR loop reads to exit is updated properly. if this input fileĀ  never get updated properly, the FOR loop continues and no way to exit the program. I want for the user to press...

    farrazola5 pointsBadges:
  • AS400 Product basic questions

    Hi,What are the common prerequisites or Questions that has be checked with a AS400 related product.I know it depends on different product, But there can be something in common about partitions, libraries , AS400 related.Please suggest

    as400dev670 pointsBadges:
  • Cursor line positioning on a subfile

    This subfile has about 60 records showing 10 per screen. I've got it going to the desired line on the initial display (1st open field but not a field in the heading). Now I PageDown and cursor stays on the same line number (it doesn't return control to the program), so I'm unable to set it to a...

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