• AS/400 library authorization

    How can a person without *ALLOBJ authority access list of libaray ?

    as400tarek105 pointsBadges:
  • Query400 authorizations

    We have used a generic user ID for our support persons to sign on to a data center. Due to audit requirements we were forced to elimiate the Generic User. Many queries were created over the years for customers and were saved with *CHANGE auhority instead of *ALL. Now that the generic user is no...

    Kellyd100 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400 Authorization Lists

    I created a AUTL with only Read access to certain files.  When my user ran an SQL statement against one of the files in the AUTL that he is a member of it said that he did not have authority to the file.  Why would this not work?

    TomLiotta125,585 pointsBadges:
  • created a test profile with only *JOBCTL authority; unable to type WRKJOBSCDE

    Hi all, I created a test profile with only *JOBCTL authority. I was unable to type command WRKJOBSCDE & ADDJOBSCDE, but I was able to CHGJOBSCDE, DELJOBSCDE & HLDJOBSCDE. Wanted to know what did I set wrongly, please help, thanks. User Profile : TEST User class : *USER Special authority : *JOBCTL...

    Tohtoh10 pointsBadges:
  • Changing User Authority/Securing System

    Is there an easy way to change user authority to read on only on an open AS400 system that is menu driven? The ability to change data, add, update etc. is coded within the programs - in other words function key driven.

    64techie25 pointsBadges:
  • AUTHID in DB2

    I want to define AUTHID while create stored procedure in DB2/AS400. This can be done in oracle as CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE PRC AUTHID DEFINER / CURRENT_USER can this also be done in iSeries AS/400 DB2?  

    Bhadresh25 pointsBadges:
  • Authority lists

    Hi, plz give me the step by step process of creation of an Authority list and maintaining( i mean how to use) it... thanks Ram

    ten20081,150 pointsBadges:
  • AS/400 Authorization List

    Is there is any way to secure an object via more that one authorization list? If it is, then what is the use of adding more than one autl to the single object?

    Lsivabe85 pointsBadges:
  • Authorization List in AS/400

    What are the drawbacks of Authorization list in AS400?

    Lsivabe85 pointsBadges:

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