• Network audit

    What are the items that an examiner should or must look at when conducting network audit of a bank

    AMANYAnomics85 pointsBadges:
  • Java or Oracle

    I'm a student and next semester we are going to have to choose between java and oracle i want to get good grades and i heard java is hard but I also admire everything about programming. I have knowledge of Visual Basic and little Java what should I choose...

    EllyJar25620 pointsBadges:
  • Network Setup with SonicWall behind Fios Router

    Hi, I need to allow public access to a web server behind a SonicWall Firewall on my network.Here's my network layout:Internet ----> Fios Router (public IP 173.63.xx.x) ----> Sonicwall (WAN port, 192.168.1.xx) ----> Server (LAN port, 192.168.168.xx)I need to be able to access the server...

    Akashraj1235 pointsBadges:
  • method to decrypt AES128 in RPGLE

    Hi, How to decrypt AES128 in RPGLE

    6r2,920 pointsBadges:
  • Does my company really need the Virtual Windows Server we have hosted?

    I work for a small company with about 40 employees and about 45 windows machines. We are all set up on office 365 and set up on Azure AD for user and group management. We have 5 locations, all with firewalls set up We outsource a lot of our IT help to a company that hosts a virtual windows server...

    Catrerf5 pointsBadges:
  • Tablets

    Are there tablets that have screen mirroring or something like that?

    Trudij5 pointsBadges:
  • Flashing Upload to Cloud icon on notification bar?

    I need help identifying a problem I've been having since I recently got a newer phone. Since I have a LG X Charge phone, I'm fairly certain it's also considered an andriod.So the things is, there's this icon/ symbol that would randomly show up and disappear seconds later. Even flashing...

    Tiana6545 pointsBadges:
  • Closing Released but Unused PO in NSAM

    How do I Close unused but released PO in NSAM

    PGNguntsKu5 pointsBadges:
  • printing production

    formula to calculate manpower in screen printing production

    Ramchandra115 pointsBadges:
  • Barcode print with spaces in rpgle

    Hi, When we are printing a barcode in rpgle its printed with space for example LOTID has 10 charactor length and has value AS0001 so its printing barcode with 4 space. DDSA 52 40 HLOTID 10 78 A BARCODE(CODE3OF9 4 *HRZ *HRITOP)A SPACEA(005)

    Amitkshukl20 pointsBadges:
  • Trouble Setting Up VOIP Using Switch/Hub

    Our company switched to VOIP phones in May. Having issues setting up a new user location that is utilizing a switch for internet connection in that I'm not getting the phone to connect. I lose all internet connection to both the PC and the phone (daisy-chain setup). (Tried two switches [Netgear...

    Madonah15 pointsBadges:
  • sytem name and serial number

    Where in the software is the system name and serial number defined

    Smoothone10 pointsBadges:
  • Monitor says no signal, system unit has beeping sounds

    When i was using my desktop computer, somet hing appears on the screen, it is a blue screen with a messege on it. All i can remember are the words "first time restart your computer" and then if not "press f8 into safe mode", i really dont know what to do about that problem so i turn off the avr....

    JoannaGlance305 pointsBadges:
  • Need help to compare pricing using SQL queries

    Thank you for help in advance.I have 2 sets of data that show bus journeys and there relevant price from 2 different systems that i need to compare.Table1-Brand-Origin-Destination-PriceTable2-Brand-Origin-Destination-PriceSo what i need todo is to match all the following fields and return the price...

    naveeda20005 pointsBadges:
  • Bluetooth

    Hello My Bluetooth is not working as it is not letting my connect to any devices such as headphones. It says that there are not any devices to connect however ot can work on othe electronic devices. What is my problem and how can I fix it ?Thanks a lot.

    DannydosgamingYT5 pointsBadges:
  • How do I analyze text that doesn’t have a separator (eg a domain name)?

    I have a bunch of domain names without the tld I'd like to search but they don't always have a natural break in between words (like a "-"). For instance: techtarget americanexpress theamericanexpress // a non-existent site thefacebook What is the best analyzer to use? e.g. if a user types in...

    khan4205 pointsBadges:
  • Auto combine

    I want to combine two fields. One is the two letter initials of the tutor, the other is the event date. I saw in the manual that i can use NumToText to make the date text rather than a number, but I have tried many variations of writing this simple formula without it working - help please.

    StevenBlake20 pointsBadges:
  • .js

    what do I need to open a. js file?

    LARRY7585 pointsBadges:
  • tablet doesnt turn on

    if the battery of the tablet is disconnected it gets power..if the battery is connected nothing happens..it doesnt chargethere is a big red X

    dragon5445 pointsBadges:
  • Convert word to Jpg

    How to Convert word to Jpg

    yawali5 pointsBadges:

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