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During system save with option 21, I receieved a message "Job 035775/Qsecofr/Dsp01 started (date/time) in subsystem qctl i not all subsystems ended" options were g or c. Selecting g only returned the same message after a few minutes. What is the problem and how can I get around it or determine what the hold up is?

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It looks like the endsbs *all *immed part of the command is not finishing. Is Qctl your controlling subsystem?

You can take a system request 3, then option 10 to view your joblog to see if there are any other more informational low level error messages.
Some system jobs can take a while to complete.

What you need to see in order for things to proceed is the message “system ended to restricted condition” in the qsysopr message queue before the savsys portion of option 21 can continue. System request 6 can show you qsysopr if you are running option 21. You will need to command 12 back for the option 21 to continue.

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  • Rayne427
    What I usually do is ENDSBS(*ALL) from a command line before taking option 21 from the GO SAVE menu. This way I know that all subsystems are ended. Then I take option 21 from the GO SAVE menu and let it end the subsystems again just for good measure and then the save sys usually runs fine. Let me know if it works for you!!
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  • JohnDavid
    Hi, I had a similar problem and changed the ENDSBS command defaults to end the subsystems immediately (*IMMED) and not to produce any job logs (ENDSBSOPT(*NOJOBLOG)). The logic behind this is that when I issue the ENDSBS command explicitly on the command line or implicitly throufh the GO SAVE 21 I do not want job logs and I want the system down very fast. I think the ENDSBSOPT option was introduced at V5.1. I also changed the PWRDWNSYS command options to the same as above. It is like solving the problem with a sledge hammer but it works. The main issue is to ensure that all batch and interactive jobs have ended. Best of luck
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  • TomLiotta
    ENDSBS *ALL does not ensure that all subsystems will end in any reasonable time. A subsystem cannot end until all of the jobs within it have ended. And you cannot undo ENDSBS *ALL nor even the ending of an individual subsystem. It's better to end jobs first. If any job becomes an issue, you can deal with it without significant impact to any other area.
    Those are my standard initial commands whenever I'm dropping to restricted state. I usually allow each to complete before the next. When the system settles after those, I end subsystems that have no active jobs. Whichever subsystems are left, those will be where any trouble might appear. I've never had trouble with QCMN, so I've gotten lax with it when communications entries are there. But the rest I pay more attention to. I can rarely afford to have QSYSWRK or QUSRWRK stuck in ending status just be cause an individual job is locked up and refuses to end. Tom
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