System hang during boot process

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Boot failure
We have PCs HP Compaq dc7100, one of them become hangs during boot process, with no error message, after restart it works fine. After shutdown when we start again the same problem occur, The System configuration is Intel processor 2.8 Ghz (915 Intel chip set) Ram 1 GB 333Mhz (512*2) Hard disk 80 GB SATA DVD ROM

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Check and make sure that your BIOS settings are correct, and that the battery is good. If the BIOS settings in the CMOS are incorrect, or are lost when the computer is shut down, this can cause the system to have a problem during POST. This POST problem could cause the system to lock up, but then clear when you hit the reset button (after some auto detection has occurred). Another less likely problem is a failing hard drive that takes longer to spin up and become fully functional in the time needed, (after locking up and you resetting it, the drive has more time to become operational). If the systems are identical, you could try swapping their hard drives and see if this problem stays with the computer (in which case check the battery and/or CMOS settings) or follows the Hard drive (in which case you might need a new HD). This program might be useful to copy the data to a new HD.
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Make sure that no viruses are existed in your computer. Go to and scan online your computer.

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  • carlosdl
    It would be useful to know exactly in what stage of the boot process the pc get hung. What is the last thing you see on screen when the problem occurs ?
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  • Pressler2904
    Per "carlosdl"s post, you can enable boot time logging by pressing the "F8" key JUST AFTER the POST completes (if the system boot process even gets that far). You will then be able to see exactly where the boot process fails. If you can identify the brand of hard drive (Samsung, Western Digital, Seagate, etc...), and you suspect that the hard drive is failing, go to the manufacturer's website and download their hard drive diagnostics (such as Seagate's SeaTools or Hitachi's Drive Fitness Test. Yo should be able to either download or create a bootable CD (or ISO image): boot from the created CD and run a full diagnostics test. The error code returned (if any) should allow you to determine the usability of the drive...
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