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Hi, hopefully someone can point out the thing i have missed about this I built an image on a DELL 390 PC, sysprepped it then captured teh image on WDS. I have a directory on the distribution share which has teh required drivers in for teh other target machines i will use the path is as follows \SERVERNAMEREMINSTImagesMEXP-RETAIL-BASIC-NEW$OEM$$1Drivers XP-RETAIL-BASIC-NEW is the name of my image and the 'Drivers' directory contains 4 folders 'Sata' , 'Audio' , 'Chipset' and 'Video' these folders have the drivers extracted into them. I deploy the image to a DELL XPS5 PC , without the 'OemPnPDriversPath' the system is missing the video card driver (even though base machine had the same one installed) and the sound card driver (which was not on the) base machine. So i did some research and added the Video and Audio drivers for this PC to the above directories, i also added the 'UpdateInstalledDrivers=Yes' & 'DriverSigningPolicy=Ingore' (as the audio drivers are not signed), my unattended section looks like this [Unattended] InstallFilesPath=C:sysprepi386 TargetPath=WINDOWS DriverSigningPolicy=Ingore UpdateInstalledDrivers=Yes OemSkipEula=Yes OEMSkipWelcome=1 OemPnPDriversPath="driverssata;driversaudio;driverschipset;driversvideo" UpdateHAL=MPS_MP,%WINDIR%infhal.inf UpdateUPHAL=MPS_UP,%WINDIR%InfHal.inf Now when i deploy and use this sysprep.inf , it stops half way through auto setup and prompts for this file 'NVCplSetupInt.exe' and points to this directory 'c:NVIDIADisplayDriver190.38international' which doesnt exist on the PC. I then point it back to the path in my sysprep.ini 'c:driversvideo' and it installs fine. How can i make it look in the right place for 'NVCplSetupInt.exe' ? now the audio, i have the correct files in my driversAudio directory but it doesnt seem to even try, if it manually point it to the driver directory that i setup the 2 audio devices (card and game port) install straight away. Why dont they install automatically ? any help much appreciated , getting a headache form it now , i have tried all advice i have found so far and tried with and without various lines in sysprep.ini and switches for the sysprep.exe. The only difference it made was that it didn;t stop in the mini setup, but when i logged in i just got new hardware found windows - very anoying Please can anyone help, i hope i am just being a tool

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There are various methods to update the PnP directory with the path to the INF file. Insure that you have no video driver captured in your image file (uninstall any dirvers and leave the default VGA drvier).

In the UNATTEND.TXT file add to the Unattend section a OemPnPDriversPath setting. Include your PnP paths. I used a set of predefined path roots. They are based off of your install drive. Prune / modify to your needs. The fun thing is that you could customize to each hardware model. This should work for everything except the IDE/SATA/SCSI controller which needs to be in txtsetup.oem and the appropriate directory.

The sysprep,ini and winbom.ini have similar functionality for setting pnp paths. I just prefered setting all the PNP roots in the original UNATTEND.TXT file.

Note: Some drivers just do not like this method. Running the full setup silently later is the only method in those cases.


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  • Vebbitt
    I have seen a similar issue with NVCplSetupInt.exe, and found a fix that works, at least in our case. We have a winbom.ini file that has not been modified in a long time, and it was set to copy the PnP drivers from the directory specified in the sysprep.ini to the specified directory. In my case, both directories are the same, so nothing needs to copy. After removing the PnPDrivers section of my winbom.ini, I have no issues. One of the drawbacks on working with someone else's processes.
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  • Littlewing1977
    I notice that ignore is not spelled correctly in two places above. That leads me to believe that it was copied and pasted. You may check to see if your sysprep.inf file has it spelled correctly if you want it to ignore the driver signing policy.

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