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i want to learn some thing in SYNON. Can any one tell me any web sites where i can get PDFs or Materials regarding SYNON. At present I'm working in AS400 RPGLE.

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I ran away screaming from SYNON in 1995 and have never looked back…


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I, too rejected the purchase of Synon back in the ’90’s

It progressed. With the probable exception of LANSA, it still produces excellent, function rich, reliable code, which does what it says, and now produces modules, service programs, SQL files and can provide the DB2 engine for all manner of browserish front ends.

With a few templates, code generation is an afterthought to the design process, just as it should be.

What a shame it lost its way after its founder took the money and left.

It’s a bit like coding HTML or hand coding C – why would you want to do so in a commercial situation, where maintenance, functionality, and quality are more important than macho ego’s that say ‘I can code a better program by hand..??

and yes, I was/am, that man. Assembler programmers never die..


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  • Cool400
    Hi, You can search for . There are lot of PDF's available for Synon 2E. Horse model is the one which is know as Beginner guide in Synon.. Moreover you can search for some PPT's on internet which will help you a lot.
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  • Ajayfrnds
    explain brief about prtfil
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  • CharlieBrowne
    The last item about prtfil should be a new question, Also you must include what research you have already done and what specific technical question you need assistance with,
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  • Yorkshireman
    >>explain brief about prtfil I woudl suggest this is a separate questio nto the original. but If you download the manuals from (there are about 8 of them, and search the index for PRTFIL it will tell you all you need to get a Print of a file together. As with most of 2e - if you produce a basic PRTFIL over a file and visit the layout to get it all into 132, or 198 (or some number) of width, then you will get a functional, bugfree report. If you then footle with the layout you get a pretty report, anf if you add in a bit of logic, which is dependant upon your own needs, you get a report with subtotals, perecentages or whatyever else. Naturally, you will build such little logic digressions into reusable internal functions, probably based over a figurative file which acts as a repository for such things. If you need to include data from another file simultaneously in some embedded manner, then investigate the PRTOBJ as well. it does for a print what a RTVOBJ does for a file.
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