Synon-Action daigram comment color can be changed?

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In Synon, can i change the colour of comment? (By default its while bakcground adn blank font) can i changed? I just want to higlite my comment ina diff colour/attactive colour so that every developer can easily notice my comment. (Synon Edit action diagram commands to add comments for ref I* I*F *)

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you can do the same thing by just insert some extra line and add your comments there as your name and teg no. to identify your code.Insert simple line by I= and * +enter to insert comments there.

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  • TomLiotta
    This isn't an answer, but only a discussion point. It's been too many years since I've seen Synon, so I can't guess at how to do it. I can say it probably shouldn't be done though.   It doesn't make sense to say " that every developer can easily notice my comment." Every comment should be that way. If a comment isn't intended to make a future reader notice, then the comment has no purpose. Comments should have more meaning than just a narrative that parallels the code. The code should be readable by itself so that it doesn't need narrative.   If you make some comments look 'important', it implies that other comments aren't important. And if they're not important, then why are they there? So how can it be desired to make a comment stand out from others?   Tom
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  • Priya82

    In SYNON, color of comments is always white. If you want to recognize your own comments you can add date, your name and CR# in order to highlight changes made by you and search the code later on with your name or CR#

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  • SaurabhChakraborty

    Comments can be part of the program or the part of the source only. If it's part of the source then use * and press Enter and the comment will be in white color. But if the comment is part of the program you cannot change the color, instead used some special character to distinguish from normal lines like prefix the comment with *** or so.

    To change the action diagram details synon internal files values needs to be changed which is not recommended as it used surrogate id's.

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