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I am using my PDA (o2 XDA Atom Exec) to connect to our Managed Exchange server hosted by our ISP. Everything works great, as I have setup Activesync to sync my PDA with the server directly. What I want to be able to do, is when I have my PDA connected via a USB cable or Wireless, to download all emails, all sizes with attachments (I have a 2Gb miniSD card in the phone), but when I am out on the road, using GPRS (I am in Australia), and its so slow, and expensive, I want it to only grab 5k of the emails, and no attachments. I hope this makes sense.

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This is possible, I can’t help with your setting, but I operate a similar scenario with my Lotus Domino mail. I use Commontime and a Verizon Treo 700w. I have 2 connection setting. 1 Cradle/USB – All mail is sync’ed that is less than 2 weeks old, attachments and all. A second connection, Verizon Wireless: Sync only message headers and text.

Check the software settings and try to create a second setting for messages only.

Hope that somehow helps.

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  • Mortree
    I am not familar with what your PDA has for email client software. Getting to automatic 5k chunks might be beyond the pale with one email box and standard software BUT there are several ways to almost do what you want. Most require you to exercise final decision making. (1) Outlook 2003 client and Exchange 2003 have a variety of cached mode settings that can download just headers with size & attachment info. No help if your PDA doesn't have the client though. (2) Configure email client for the IMAP protocol rather than POP3. This will also show you Email headers (subject lines, who sent, etc) and size info. Depending on client you often can downlaod bodies without downloading attachments. But you must manually decide which emails to download and what the byte total is. Not all clients support IMAP and Exchange must be configured to support IMAP and some optins on how server IMAP responds to clients. Some IMAP even work a preview mode less than whole bodies - not sure if that is only display or download too. (3) If your PDA browser can store several pages of Aa website you can also connect via Outlook Web Acess and similarly open several headers of interest in preview mode. Then you could disconenct while you read. However this method isn't very good for responses. You would need to compose responses in text documents then reconnect to reply and then paste in replies to each message header. Plus there is web page overhead in OWA though I believe there is a mobile optimized version of OWA. (4) Finally if you can get another email box you can more or less do what you said. Use a serverside script to Duplicate messages to the second email box. Then use serverside script on that email box to strip off all attachments. I am pretty sure you can also run scripts to convert HTML/RTF/Word format bodies to plain text. Nothing on Exchange will cut off the stream of email at 5k though except the client side being forced to disconnect after so many seconds (guessimate data flow). Note you want the second email box because these messages are permanently altered. Things in the orignal email box would be unaltered. Also note this second box technique can be combined with the IMAP or other techniques above.
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