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A user has purchased a Sumsung i600 cellphone and is using Activesync to synchronize it to Outlook 2003. Telephone numbers from his Contacts list all end up with a 1 in front of the number where the area code is outside his own area code. Cell phones do not require this number. The number does not appear in his Contacts list. He would like to know how to setup so the system does not add this number when synchronizing.

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  • Ve3ofa
    having the 1 added to the phone # to a Long-Distance (outside local area code) is it a functional problem or a cosmetic problem? You state that 'cell phones' do not need the 1 (added) is this something only tied to your carrier or is it a nationwide scheme? What would happen if you are 'roaming' or outside your local coverage area? Here we have 10 digit dialing even for local numbers (416 and 905 area codes) usually getting software to ADD the area code to ALL numbers is a problem. Even though the switchover took a year (voluntarily nagged compliance to mandatory) having to edit massive amounts of phone number data was annoying. The worst part is that you can call from some 416 exchanges to some 905 exchanges (and the reverse) as local service numbers. Adding the 1+area code to the entire users dialing directory IMHO may not be a mandatory item (as of today's date) but who knows what tommorow may bring. It also helps the user when they are outside of their local calling area (you did say they were using a cell phone right) Also in this age of transferable phone numbers (you keep same phone number even if changing carriers) 555-555-1212 may be a local number and 555-555-1213 may be long distance.
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  • Smfraser
    If I am not mistaken this is a function of Outlook not the synchronization package. You need to look in Outlook and set it up so it doesn't add that. Same thing with overseas numbers, many times a +1 will be added or a +44 (UK) +33 (France) etc. Hope this helps Steve
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  • Develish
    This is a result of a setting on the phone, where there must be a field selected, that indicates "add 1 for all numbers outside the area code". In any case, it should not matter, since most cell companies, will correctly route the call to a landline regardless of the 1 being there or not. i.e. 10 digit vs. 11 digit dialling. It WILL have an impact if the person is roaming OUTSIDE the United States, since 1 is the country code of the US. On a personal level, I prefer putting in the "complete" number since I travel to many countries and in all countries, the cell companies route the calls correctly, including local calls, despite me dialling the complete number including the + (international norm for the local access code) and the country code, area code, and phone number. Hope this helps. Regards
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