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Microsoft Windows 7
My cursor is usually an arrow. Sometimes, by itself, it will change to a 'swirl' and then it drags the screen around when I try to move cursor. Eventually it will change back to arrow by itself again and work as it should. What is going on and how do I stop this from happening? I do not speak computerize so please use plain English and connect the dots very close. I am newbie who just registered. I ASSUME I get answer via my email. Note: Please do not tell me to click on something that is not on the screen. The problem I usually have is that I am told to click on things that are not there! Thanks

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PC Windows 7

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  • TomLiotta
    First, we have no idea what is or is not on your screen; so we have no way to know if we're telling you to click on something that isn't there. Second, there is no useful "plain English" when describing computer system operations or interactions. The language of interactions includes words that have known meanings, and those are the "plain English" words that are used. Third, answers don't come by e-mail, though you might be notified by e-mail that comments have been made. This is a public forum, and discussions are intended to remain public for the benefit of all members into the future.   Most importantly, from the FAQ for this site:   ITKnowledgeExchange is a community site where IT professionals can ask and answer technical questions, discuss issues with peers,...   (Emphasis added.) A big implication is that we can assume that anyone taking part in a discussion is an IT technician or related professional. That directly implies that "plain English" uses the technical terms that IT pros understand.   This site can't be a personal help or support site. We can't displace professionals who make their living by helping customers. There are many ways to get support. This site is intended to help IT pros make their livings by trying to provide information that is useful to them. If we started taking work from them, the site would soon lose their participation.   Now, if your cursor (by which I assume you mean "pointer") changes shape and behavior without action by you, there is some program running in your system that directs it to change. The direct answer is to stop running that program. A lesser possibility is to modify its configuration to tell it not to do that anymore.   As for how to do that, it has to start with determining all programs that are running and knowing the purposes of each. And that requires background knowledge. It requires knowing something of the history of the system including what might have been downloaded at any time in the past. It also requires knowing how to find all running programs and what the different programs do.   One of them is changing the pointer. But I can't think of a good way to describe how to find that out in a non-technical way.   You can download and install any of a number of anti-malware programs and run them to see if it's some type of malware. If it's malware, it probably should be removed. Most anti-malware programs will remove those programs if you tell them to do it.   But it might be a valid program that you have chosen to run. You'd need to tell us the programs that you have running and possibly what each one is supposed to do. That could eliminate a few possibilities.   But if you want to perform good work on your system, you have to learn how to do it. If not, there are technicians available to everyone, for some fee. Classes are available almost anywhere, or essentially all needed details can be learned by doing internet searches and reading results. From personal experience, I can tell you that it's not a direction to go that is easy or quick. (That's why people can make a living doing it.)   Tom
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  • philpl1jb
    I'm not sure what your 'swirl' looks like but on my system it means the compuer is busy.  Perhaps saving your work or waiting for the web.  It could indicate a problem with your communications or that your word processor is saving the work too frequently or it could mean that there is something wrong with your computer or that it has too little main memory.   If it happens when you're on the web it could also be problems in the web world that have nothing to do with you.  Just wait a few hours and the web masters will clean up whatever problems they are having.  If it's a new computer you might take it back to where you got it and have them check it out.  If you has an anti-Virus program, and you should, it maybe doing a scan which can take a long while..
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