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I'm a linux newbie (despite having been involved in IT for a dozen years or so - no holy warriors please), and have encountered a perplexing issue when attempting to run YOU on a freshly installed dual boot WinXP/SuSE 8.2 Pro installation. I posed this question at a different forum (non-Tech Target) without reply: <quote> I am encountering an issue configuring the YOU update tool in SuSE 8.2: When I attempt to run an update, I repeatedly receive the error: "Can't get the patches from server. Please try to get the patches from another server". I receive this error no matter which server I check. The update was attempted (repeatedly) while logged in as "root". There is an entry at which instructs (me) to mount the CD or DVD (no problem there), and copy /media/dvd/suse/setup/descr/info /temp The problem is that the file (.../descr/info) does not exist on the installation DVD or on CD1. As I REALLY do not want to run an unpatched OS, I'm looking for some instruction (assistance) in getting YaST / YOU to operate properly. If I need to create a file or directory manually, I'll have no problem provided I know where to put the file and what it should contain. The installation is on a dual-boot WinXP SP2 / SuSE 8.2 Dell Latitude C810. The installation proceeded smoothly (once ACPI was disabled) using the defaults, except for the time zone setting and the default boot timeout (from 8 sec. to 15 sec.) Any/all assistance will be appreciated; remember please that I am TOTALLY new to the linux community, but have many years Windows and Macintosh (mostly but not exclusively pre-OSX) experience, so while the basic concepts may be solid, their execution will require some assistance..... <end quote> Can anyone assist me here? Again, any and all help would be appreciated... (sorry to post this in a Windows forum, but it's the one I look at all the time. If a different forum is more appropriate, let me know where to post...) PaulR.

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I know you are not going to want to hear this but you are working with a very old version of SUSE. You might want to download the latest version and upgrade your system. While I like SUSE and have used it for years you might also want to try Fedora instead. Just a thought.

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  • Howard2nd
    A - Does Suse 8.2 actually connect to the internet? Can you successfully navigate to the update site? B - Are you aware that depending on where you are in the world there are different 'you' servers? Check the Novell site for the current list. C - Is there a firewall between your system and the internet? be sure 'high' ports are not blocked automatically. Good luck.
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  • SparkyJones
    If you have sources that are available on the Internet, then I suggest you comment out the CD/DVD sources from your YOU configuration and depend on the Internet sources. I am not familiar with YOU for 8.2 Pro, but perhaps it fails when trying to access the CD/DVD source and stops the entire process. As a test, try access the Internet sources directly via ftp/http or whatever method is used first to be certain they are available.
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  • Poppaman2
    Thanks to all for your replies. madmax: I was not aware of how old SuSE 8.2 is; one of the other techs in this (strictly Windows 2000/XP) shop had a copy and I thought I'd give it a shot... At first, I attepted to install Astaro, but it warns in no uncertain terms that the entire hard drive will be erased prior to install... I'll save that one for firewall purposes. I did attempt to install Fedora, but the installation failed with a message that it was not compatible with my current hardware. Any thoughts on any other distro's I might try? I might be able to get hold of RH Enterprise Desktop, but licensing issues and all that (we are a publicly traded corp...). Howard2nd: The installation DOES connect to the Internet with no problem. I have been able to hit any site I tried (including the SuSE support site quoted in my original post). I know that there are several YOU servers, and YaST is set to NOT look at the installation media, and there is no custom (internal) YOU server showing. There are about eight online sources listed as update choices. I believe the issue here (if I interpret the explanation given at the SuSE support site correctly) is that a required file(s) (equivalent to a Windows DLL or INI) is/are missing or corrupt, and (apparently) the source installation files are not contained on the CD/DVD for some unknown reason. There is a corporate firewall in place, but I do not know whether the needed ports are blocked or not. You raise a good point, though, as I DID configure the SuSE built in firewall function (ipchains??? some other routine???); I'll try disabling it and let you all know if that helps. SparkyJones: I believe I've covered the points you raise in my reply, above. I will try (after disabling the firewall) to connect directly to the online update sources and see what happens... Thanks again for all your input. I'm not tied into SuSE, so may end up going with another distro if I need to. This is very much an "underground" installation as corporate policy dictates that I receive a security waiver to install Linux at all: it just helps if I present it as a "done deal" and an operational test / tool suite used on a daily basis as opposed to asking for the waiver prior to installation. I'll keep in touch; any additional suggestions (including suggestions as to no-cost SuSE alternatives) will still be appreciated. Feel free to take any discussion(s) "offline" and contact me directly if you want... PaulR.
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  • Fpoeta
    Hi, The problem you are experiencing is because all the listed mirror are not going to have 8.2 updates at least not where the default locations point to. The way to get around this is to go to one of the listed mirrors best case a University (.edu) and go back up the tree till you see discontinued and check there for 8.2. You could also Google SuSE 8.2 RPMS updates to find some unofficial. If you want to get a newer release and do not want to download you might go to your local Magazine Store or B&N and pickup a copy of Linux PRO Magazine January issue has SuSE 10 if you buy the DVD version about $15.99 Hope this helps
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  • Mortree
    From a slightly less green newbie Try CentOS if you want to try what is essentially RedHat. CentOS is a major noncommercial distribution based on RedHat releases. This is legal after repackaging because of all the GPL licensing. It is usually available about 3-6 weeks after a major release of RedHat. While you can reconfigure old updaters to point to the right pages etc -- why bother with the pain of such research on a rather specialized area of coding? The wonderful thing about a recently released Linux distribution is that most of the download sites and folder locations should be correct. Important noncommercial download sites occasionally close due to funding problems or the project head losing interest or free time. Both commercial and noncommercial sites occasionally change URLs as years and months pass. Also there have been shifts in the updater code over the last couple of years that might mess you up too.
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