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After building a Network for a small sales company, what should i be looking for when looking to hire support staff? How much can i expect to pay and what would they offer the company? Thank you!!

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this is a broad question that we will need more information on.

1) where are you located?
2) what size is the company, (# users they will support, # machines)
3) what type of support (workstation/end user support only or that plus server support, network support etc in which they would be supporting all facets of technology)
4) what type of OS support? windows only, linux, AS400, etc.
5) will the support persons only cover regular business hours and you cover on call or are they on call also?
6) do you want someone with a lot a skills that can jump in and run or are you willing to take someone new to the industry that you have to teach?
7) will it be salary or hourly?
8) Will they be supporting Workstations only, or servers as well?

all of this will change the salary range and type of person you will be selecting. if it was end user support only then I would not mind picking someone new that has computer experience on their own. But if they are supporting the servers I would want someone with experience and would be willing to pay more. Here in northern Indiana, USA we average around $40-$50k a year for someone with experience. A newbie might be looking around $10-$15 per hour.

The answer to number 8 will really adjust the salary a lot. If you want someone with server experience then the price will go up quite a bit, but if you only need someone to handle desktop support then $10-15 per hour is about right. If you want someone with server experience then the rate will depend on how much experience they have. If they have only a year of server experience then you could find someone as low as $30k. The more experience that they have the more the rate will increase. For the most part its pretty much a you get what you pay for kind of deal. However this isn’t always the case as some people request rates above thier skill level. Unfortunately when hiring your first IT person you are kind of at thier mercy unless you know someone who can interview them and week out the people who don’t know what they are talking about.

When doing your interviews don’t get snowed over by a lot of acronyms. It’s easy for an IT person to make someone who doesn’t know much about IT to think that they know everything by using a lot of acronyms and buzzwords. If you have a friend that works in IT that you trust that can handle the technical part of the interview for you, it might be worth it to get that second opinion.

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  • Jirvine
    For a first line of support, someone who can handle the mass of the general type calls. Someone who is capable of determining if it's workstation, server, software, or user issues. One person can handle around 30-50 users and 3-5 servers fairly easy. They can troubleshoot everything from Workstation won't boot, can't get to the internet, can't get to the server, strange noises, some cabling issues, check server backups and things like that. This should be someone with around 3 years of experience or so. You have to pay around $40k/year for someone of this caliber. If you want in depth knowledge, someone that can fully troubleshoot and repair the servers you'll have to pay more, but you might not get the quality end user support. They tend to be more focused on the extreme technical issues and less on the face to face time with the end users. They also make $60k/year. I'm not saying a senior level person is incapable of end user support, just that they might have drifted out of that groove a little bit. I currently support around 250+/- users, 20 servers and a whole sack full of different softwares and I'm no where near a senior level tech. Of course, certifications can make all the above pay numbers change drastically.
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