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Could you please suggest how can I scroll the subfile pages automatically without pressing the PAGEUP or PAGEDOWN.Please let me know if there is any function or code avaliable to do this.

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There are alternatives to using the pageup/pagedown keys, if you handle the scrolling yourself you could use any function key for the scrolling.

I’m not sure what you mean by scrolling “automatically” – do you mean moving to the next subfile page after selecting the last record on a page?

Are there any examples of commands or programs in the OS which do what you want to do?


Martin Gilbert.


If you want automatic page-scrolling, don’t use subfiles. Use the DSM APIs. Or even easier, use COBOL’s WRITE with a ROLLING phrase.


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  • Sloopy
    If you mean, show each subfile page on the screen as your program loads the subfile, so that the user can watch the page whizz by.... To do this, after every page has been loaded do a WRITE to the subfile control record, with SFLDSP on. Your screen DDS must be created with DFRWRT(*NO) for this to work. The subfile RRN field in the subfile control record format must be set to a valid subfile record number on the page to be displayed (usually this will be the last RRN on the page, of course). Depending on how fast your system / program is, this method of displaying could cause eye strain! On the other hand, if what you want is for the program to display the page of a subfile that has a record on which your program is working, then you do much the same thing - write the subfile control with SFLDSP on, and with DFRWRT(*NO). MKS's IMPLEMENTER software does this, when you promote a group of objects. It processes each object in the subfile, and when it starts to process the first object on the next page it writes that page to the screen. Implementer is relatively slow at this, and does not cause too much eye strain. If you want to do something other than these two things, please give more details! Regards, Sloopy
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