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Hi below pasted is my code which i am running but i am getting an error 'Attemp to write duplicate records" DDS A*                                                         A                                      CF03(03)            A                                      DSPSIZ(24 80 *DS3)  A          R RECSFL                    SFL                 A  30                                  SFLNXTCHG           A            UPC           20   B  9  3TEXT('UPC 2ND ITEM') A  31                                  DSPATR(UL)          A*                                                         A          R RECCTL                    SFLCTL(RECSFL)      A*                                                         A                                      OVERLAY             A                                      SFLSIZ(0010)        A                                      SFLPAG(0005)        A  10                                  SFLDSP              A  12                                  SFLDSPCTL           A  11                                  SFLCLR              A  13                                  SFLINZ              A                                      SFLDROP(CF04)       A                                      SFLFOLD(CF04)       A            #RRNO          4S 0H      SFLRCDNBR           A                                  1  2DATE              A                                      EDTCDE(Y)         A                                  1 12TIME              A                                  5  3'UPC SHORT CODE. . A                                      COLOR(WHT)        A                                  8  3'UPC 2ND ITEM'    A  31                                  DSPATR(UL)        A                                      COLOR(TRQ)        A            UPCSCD         3A  I  5 24TEXT('UPC')       A          R FKEY                                        A                                       OVERLAY          A                                 23  2'F3 - EXIT'       A                                      COLOR(BLU)        RPGLE code FSIDDLF    IF   E           K DISK    INFDS(@SIDLF)                    FPSIDDPF   IF   E           K DISK                                     F                                     RENAME(PSIDDPF:@PSIDDPF)         F                                     PREFIX(P)                        FD123      CF   E             WORKSTN INFDS(@D123)                     F                                     SFILE(RECSFL:I1)                 D @D123           DS           500                                      *                                                                     D @SIDLF          DS                                                   D  #RRN                 400    402                                      *                                                                      ********* MAIN ROUTINE *******************                    *                                                                     C                   EXSR      LOAD                                     C                   SETON                                            LR  *                                                                     ******************* LOAD SUBFILE *********  *                                                                     C     LOAD          BEGSR                                               *                                                                     C     *IN03         DOWEQ     '0'                                       *                                                                     C                   WRITE     FKEY                                     C                   EXFMT     RECCTL                                   C                   Z-ADD     0             I1                         C                   Z-ADD     0             #RRNO                      C*                                                                     C     UPCSCD        SETLL     @PSIDDPF                                 C     UPCSCD        READE     @PSIDDPF                               89 C     *IN89           DOWEQ     '0'                                      C                        MOVEL       PUPC          UPC                        C                        ADD          1             I1                         C     #RRNO         IFEQ      0                                        C                        ADD       I1            #RRNO                      C                        ENDIF                                              C                        WRITE     RECSFL        <--- error here                       C*                      C     UPCSCD        READE     @PSIDDPF                               89 C                   ENDDO                                               *                                                               C                   ENDDO                                         *                                                               C                   ENDSR                                         ******** INIT ROUTINE *********************           *                                                               C     *INZSR        BEGSR                                         *                                                               C                   EXSR      SCLR                                *                                                               C                   ENDSR                                         *                                                                ******* CLEAR SUBFILE ********************           *                                                               C     SCLR          BEGSR                                        C                   Z-ADD     0             I1                4 0 C                   Z-ADD     0             #RRNO                C                   MOVE      *ON           *IN11                C                   MOVE      *OFF          *IN10                C                   MOVE      *OFF          *IN12                C                   WRITE     RECCTL   <-- Control record                          C                   MOVE      *OFF          *IN11                C                   MOVE      *ON           *IN10                C                   MOVE      *ON           *IN12                C                   MOVE      *ON           *IN31                C                   Z-ADD     5             PG                4 0 C                   DO        PG                                 C                   ADD       1             I1                   C                   ADD       1             #RRNO                C                   WRITE     RECSFL    <- subfile record                         C                   ENDDO                                         *                                                               C                   ENDSR                                         *                                                              

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It looks as if your SCLR subr leaves field #RRNO with thevalue ‘5’. In your LOAD subr you test if #RRMO is equal to zero, which is not the case. Therefore you will do your looped writings with #RRNO = 5 constantly…

Good luck


SCLR you have written the 5 records to the subfile.
You must Chain to each one and update.
you may want to MOVE *blank UPC before WRITE RECSFL

It looks to me like your Z-ADD 0 to I1 and then the ADD 1 I1 are intended to make your #RRNO field contain a continually incremented record number. But when you do the ADD I1 #RRNO, you’re not just moving the value of I1 to #RRNO, you’re adding it to #RRNO, so the values in #RRNO would be 1, 3, 6, etc.
Even with that said, you only execute the ADD I1 #RRNO once, since #RRNO won’t be zero the second time through the loop. Therefore, #RRNO will not get changed, and you’ll write record 1 a second time. That would give you a duplicate record error.

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  • Sangay
    program is working now just had to initialize the indicators....but i am facing another type of issue. I am entering the UPC short code value in UPCSCD value but after displaying subfile values in UPC, the value in UPCSCD gets cleared. I want to retain the value even after displaying the subfile values.. Any help Thanks a ton in advance.
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  • Sangay
    ohh. i have found that too.....the field was input capable...made it to output capable
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