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I need a report that provides an aggregate of a string column - in this case a concatenation of the values in a comma separated string. There is no such DB2 aggregate function that does this. A stored procedure (or possibly a customer aggregate function?) seems the only likely way to accomplish this and my procedure writing skills are rather basic. Essentially, I need to loop through a cursor and concatenate the values and return the data. Given this data: 'abc123', 'one' 'abc123', 'two' 'def456', 'one' 'def456', 'two' I want to return it as: 'abc123', 'one,two' 'def456', 'one,two' Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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If the comma delimited file will contain the same number of fields each time, create a file on the i5 that matches the coma delimited file. Use CPYTOIMPF to move the file from the IFS to the i5. Call it FILEA.

Then create a file with two fields, one to hold the field containing the ‘abc123’ as the key filed and the second field to hold the ‘one, two, three….’ data (DATA_FIELD). Call it FILEB

Then use the pseudo code below.


Chain (key_field) FILEB;




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  • JLatos
    Yes, DB2 does have a function for aggregation through concatenation, but it's an XML function. This means you need to convert your strings to XML, perform the aggregations, then convert back to non-XML. It looks like this:
    xml2clob( xmlagg(xmlelement(NAME a, recordID)))
    ,'<A>', ''),'</A>', '; '))
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  • TomLiotta
    Assuming that you have a current release of the OS (and reasonably current DB2 PTF group level), a basic recursive CTE could be used. Some general information can be found in Recursive query optimization. The examples in the Information Center illustrate summing the costs of a series of connecting flights between cities on a route to a destination. The process of summing would be replaced with concatenation if you wanted a series of strings to be put together. It doesn't require XML nor any extenders, so it's available on basic systems back to V5R4. Tom
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