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This is a landing page my company did for Intel's Software Partner Program--a different slice at registration. <a> </a> for some reason this is highly polarizing in the software development community. Most people think it's great, a few hate it. Any ideas why this would be so polarizing

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Hi PonoBill,

First, your request in not strange: is about a usability issue. I’ll try to answer a bit without doing a full “expert review” on the page.

The page looks awesome at first, as well created flash pages do. It conveys some exciting information depicted dramatically.

Once one gets into the pipeline, along the steps of the wizard, some limitations appear.
First, albeit the proposal “Premiere your next …” in exciting, it’s not clear which will be the outcome.

Also, a feedback rule is broken in that after advancing a step there is nothing in the UI assesing what you did in the previous steps, drama or horror?
Step 3 looks like an error, looks like step 1 repeated. This can be mitigated by deleting the “Select your” part of the prompts so they look different, and by adding an image to the left of the input area that changes for each step for example a speaker for the soundtrack question.

The answers should be stacked atop the input area for the user to review them, and remembered if the user backs up.

All the copyright and sponsorship stuff near the bottom is not needed but in the start page. Deletinf it, ir if not allowed to sending it below the fold, will make the space much cleaner.

Well, enough …
Hmmm … it does not accept an input with enter … (I have to stop reviewing) … I don’t understand the meaning of the question “Who do you want to play you?” maybe because of my limited knowledge of English …
Cannot stop! A great looking page with many usability quirks.

Juan Lanus


Hi PonoBill,
Juan’s comments are well put. I only have one thing to add.
I went through the registration process and my comments are from the perspective of a person registering:
I think the context of asking for info as part of the process of registering for an event might be forgotten by some people. These people then become reluctant, possibly even annoyed, to continue. And one of their reactions is panning the process – this is driven by their own, human, anxieties.

Solution: Explain the process at the beginning and then tell them what their “reward” will be.
Example: “We all know registration is tedious, and so we have created a way for you to have some fun while completing the form. At the end of your registration process you will have made a movie of your choice. Enjoy – see you on the red carpet”.
Those people wo kept the context in mind probably had some fun.

Hi, That was quite interesting process. I finished the whole, initial part was quite innovative and attractive and in a way illustrative too indirectly/directly telling what are the intents behind the contents. Thereafter it was purely a serious stuff, the selections, and your options on various platforms you would be interested in. It is done, and let me see how it helps/enhances my work processes.

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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    But still the intentions are not very clear even after going through the whole process, is the purpose just to collect some global data to build a database for some other purpose, or there are some really good intentions behind it that will work for a long time to come, is not clear.
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