strange date change

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Windows 2000 Server
my 2000 server changes back 1 day by itself on rare occasions i have changed password thinking it was someones idea of joke still happens any ideas thanks bob

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Bob said _No the problem occurs for no reason no bounce

Bob your best bet for keeping the date stable is to use a piece of software like Atomic Clock Sync to set the clock from an atomic clock. If the server does not have access directly to the internet set up a proxy (I use Proxy Plus) to allow a connection only to the atomic clock you prefere to use. (Depends on where you are located.)
You can set this to once a day or once an hour (low bandwidth) and at least your clock will be correct most of the time.
Why it is changing could be a number of things. The prime reason ofr clocks changing is probably human error. You seem to have removed this as a possibility so we are left with software errors since you indicate that the problem is not happening at boot. (The cmos is only read by the OS at boot.)
So the problem is probably a piece of software that accesses the clock or is interupting the timer tick. If you have any significant software running that stops the timertick or interupts it for a long period of time this can cause clock slowing. If the software is running in this state for close to an hour you would see the problem you seem to have.
Other issues could be that you or software or users are logging into a second network and that networks time is used to set the clock. On windows networks this can happen. SO do you connect to a network that needs a login that is in a different time zone?
Other then that software that is setting the clock wrong?

Hope this helps.

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  • Ysrd
    Hi, I need some more info about this before I can answer. Is this happening while the system is running or is it when you boot ot reboot? Thanks,
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  • CosmoC
    What is the Server used for (server roles)? Some things to look into: Have you checked your CMOS battery voltage? Does the Event Viewer show any Time or Sync issues? Is the Windows Time Service running (any stops/restarts)? What is returned if you run a net time command from the Server? What's the NTPServer showing in "HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\Parameters"? If using a public NTP server, have you lost Internet or Network connections? Does your CPU run at 100% for any lenth of time? Are any capacitors on your motherboard swollen or cracked? Virus or Malware?
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