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We have a large contract employee population that we need to begin documenting in SAP. We are on 4.6B. I am exploring two options: 1) Adding a new personnel subarea in Master Data for contractors and using that to distinguish this population. 2) Using the Recruitment module to store this population as "applicants". I would like to know best practice opinions for a long-term solution, including any concerns about difficulty keeping these two populations differentiated for reporting and other purposes if using Master Data. Thank you, Serena Townsend Samsung Austin Semiconductor

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We have a similar problem in the project I am working on, and we are using the Personnel subarea to distinguish between regular employees and contractors. However, there are a few other issues that we had to address in addition to just indicating which is which for reporting.

1. A regular employee might retire from the company and later come back to work as a contractor. It can also happen the other way, where a contractor may later be hired as a regular employee. You don’t want to give them the same personnel number because their employee status as a retiree needs to stay intact, and a new hire should not have history before the hire date. Whenever we do a new hire of either type, we check to see if the ssn is already in the system. If it is and the employee type is the same (regular or contractor), we rehire them using the same PERNR. If the employee type is different (contractor in SAP only with a PERNR saying they are a regular employee, or vice versa), we use the existing PERNR as a reference personnel number in the hire action on infotype 0000. That way there is a link between the two sets of data but they are tracked separately. There is also a

2. There is some information that an employer should not legally track on contractors. You need to consult your legal department and hide these fields in contractor infotypes. You may also have to set up alternate IT views and use a module pool feature to indicate which view is to be used.

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  • Crabby4
    We also include contractors in our SAP HR. We are currently running 4.6C. Instead of a new personnel area, we used employee group. We set it up this way about 6 months ago and it seems to be working fine. We had to exclude them from certain interfaces, but this was easily done by changing the selection screen on those interfaces to exclude that employee group. The personnel areas and subareas are as they are employee's so they are included in specific populations when necessary. Another thing that is different is their payroll area on our side. This automatically excludes them from payroll as well. I'm not sure if using the recruitment module is a better solution for you, because we do not use that piece here. Good luck.
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