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Does anyone know if we can store a PDF in isereis data file? If so, how can you accomplish this?

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If you mean an as400 qsys.lib file then the answer is yes, but for most scenarios you probably wouldn’ t want to, the execution would be fairly complex

if you mean can you store a pdf on an as400 so that it can be accessed or sent on somewhere else then the answer is to store it in the IFS

could you give a bit more detail on what you are actually trying to achieve here…

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  • Buzzwords
    We have a homegrown document storage system. We store the document images on PC server drives which are mapped (or 'mounted') to our as/400 through the QNTC facility on the IFS. We have native db2/400 tables that contain indexes and locations of all document images. This setup allows us to create, email, fax, etc, documents via RPG programming (and some 3rd party tools - Gumbo Software, FAX/400, etc). If your requirement is fairly simple you could create a directory on the IFS to store PDF documents, and also maintain each file's location in a field of an as/400 data file. iSeries Network Neighborhood (or whatever they're calling it these days) allows one to map an IFS directory within Windows, and is helpful to both developers and users when managing PC-type files on the IFS. Use the WrkLnk command from the green-screen.
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  • DaveFulton
    Agree with the last post, but it can be done. I did a simple test using a sqlrpgle program to write the pdf file out as a blob record in a DB2/400 file. Works fine, but couldn't really think of what to do with it when there.
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  • Buzzwords
    Dave, I'd be interested in seeing how you did that. Did you use the C API's to access the file on the IFS? How did you get the file into a blob field?
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, We use PKZIP to zip .pdf files into separate members in a file. Works fine. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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