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How can I define a GP so that users cannot use their USB Flash disks?

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Hi Aspire,

Please look here and here for information from Microsoft.

I hope this will for you.

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This might also be helpful:

The site also has a few other security issues that employers should be aware of.

It is actually better to completely disable the USB port in your computer system to make sure any USB devices cannot be plugged in to the computer system. Using the group policy could sometimes create conflict that causes other programs and Windows features to stop working.

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  • Cults14
    I'm not a techie, but that looks like a very simple question which needs fuller explanation i.e. why do you want to do this in the first place? If you're concerned about DPL (Data Leak Prevention), prepare yourself for a rocky ride as (a) it's still a relatively new area and (b) the range of options - problems/solutions and vendors - is almost overpowering. If DLP is an issue for you, or if you're concerned about the introduction of unwanted material (malware, 3rd party IPR, media-rich files etc etc) then how do you know that you have a problem in the first place? General advice I've seen seems to be (a) install something like DeviceWall (granular policies) to monitor what's actually going on (b) develop an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and (c) implement and monitor your AUP. Disabling USB ports disables any kind of USB device and this may not be what you (or your users or managers) intend or find acceptable. At the other end of the scale, Cisco have a product which does everything which DeviceWall (and others do), plus can prevent emailing, printing, copying, save as from specified folder locations - so if you're paranoid about your IPR leaving the builing, it's possible to go into complete lock-down - you can even disable screen captures!! Hope this help.
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  • Sharon Fisher
    Good for you for looking at this issue! It's a big security hole in many companies.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    if you have a complicated enough environment, you really should consider DLP software to protect your endpoints in this way, among others. Symantec is known as the leader in the space but there are plenty of other lower-cost alternatives including cloud-based solutions.
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  • Deebak
    If you are around 10 to 20 PC in office. you Can Go With USB Disk Security Software. that Will be Quite Useful. I am using in it in my office. I will unlock it whenever needed
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  • Harisheldon
    The DOD started blocking USB ports a couple of years ago due to the fact users were taking classified documents and putting them on USB drives and then plugging the drives into unclassified computers.  A HUGE NO-NO!!!  You can create a GPO to block the use of the USB ports.

    Go to the article below and it will show you how to create the GPO and enforce it.  Good luck.
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  • Brijesh
    Check out Windows Group Policy to secure and restrict USB devices using link which will help you.
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