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My ex boss once showed me how he hacks ex colleagues accounts. He showed me a software he used which could hack anyone's emails. Subsequently I informed him how disgusting this behavior was and soon left the company as more unusual characteristics were revealed. Please can someone tell me how I would block anyone doing this. I feel as though my privacy could be being totally breached.

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  • CharlieBrowne

    If he was just looking at email that is on the company server, that is not protected by any privacy rules. All you do with company equipment, can be viewed by the company.

    If he is hacking other things, that is illegal and should be reported.

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  • ITclueless
    CharlieBrowne: Hi, thank you very much for your response. I understand he can legally access and furthermore had a right to access all work emails; he had no need to hack these as he had all account access info. He showed me how he hacks personal emails. This I know is completely illegal however as he lives in the UAE he appears to be a law unto himself there. I am now back in the UK. Is there any way I can prevent him from hacking mine or my other ex colleagues personal accounts through this software? Thank you again for your time.
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  • TheRealRaven
    There is no known software that will "hack anyone's emails". Without knowing specifics of a given e-mail server and the service that hosts it, no one can tell you what to do to minimize risk.

    For general usage, a most basic setup might be creating a GMail account and a different account at some other e-mail service, perhaps simply with your ISP. Use the GMail account to receive e-mail, and have the account set up to (1) forward to your second account and (2) delete from GMail. There is then no visible way to know where the e-mail is.

    Most general e-mail services have a 'forwarding' option, so GMail might be some other service. It's probably a good one, though, because Google must be both proactive and competent in protecting accounts. Breaches could cost them unimaginable amounts of money. (And if they can't do it, who can?)

    A client such as Thunderbird can allow you to move e-mails easily between IMAP accounts and to configure how you reply. Once configured at first, there is little that needs to be done later.

    There are significantly more "secure" methods, but it's extremely unlikely to be needed as long as you simply use a strong passphrase on your e-mail accounts, and don't use the same passphrase on other accounts. The more secure the method is, the more difficult it becomes to use.

    Security is always a tradeoff. Usability will be sacrificed for greater security.
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  • ToddN2000
    Did he show you what software he was using to hack? Nonetheless it still comes down to being proactive. Run a good anti-virus, firewall combo. Use strong passwords/pass-phrases and change them regularly. If you think you have been hacked, change all from a clean/secure computer immediately. Hacking emails may not be a big deal for some as long as there is no personal info in them. I usually have 2 or 3 e-mail accounts. 1 secured just for business contacts, 1 used just for financial contacts and the last 1 is for website they force you to create an account to use, and this is usually with fake ID credentials like asking for a birth date. Really, why does Home Depot need to know my birthday? This is also a good way to cut down on spam and finding where it's coming from.
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  • ITclueless
    Thank you to all for your response.

    All I remember is a window open on his laptop, with what he claimed was someones email account staring back at me: there were no paragraphs it was all condensed together. I was so disturbed I didn't ask what software it was; in regret now!

    Very sensible idea to separate all emails.

    Thank you very much again.
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  • 215113
    If you have a good firewall, and a up- to - date anti virus program, you should be fine. But he should be reported if he is hacking into personal emails
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  • Subhendu Sen
    There are some measures that can help to block a hacker for unauthorized access. Always keep update OS of your devices either it is mobile/desktop/laptop/Tab including all necessary and used software. Erase unused software that is not be used for long time. Always install a good anti virus software and configure it such a way the it can update time to time and monitor all of the activities. Change passwords including all social media/ emails etc. frequently with complex ones, Never share passwords/other credentials with someone even your nearest one. Try to avoid open Wi-Fi network or public Wi-Fi network.
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