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I have a NotesViewEntryCollection that I then loop through looking for unique values. When I find a unique value, I create a second NotesViewEntryCollection of documents for this particular employee and use the information to look up the individual in an employee directory. I capture particular information and use a series of calls to StampAll to update the documents in the second NotesViewEntryCollection. So, one call to update many documents. I then loop through the second collection to update a set of fields with some information. I cannot use StampAll on these fields. The problem is, when all is said and done, there is one document remaining. It is leaving one document from the very last collection void of information. However, I know the document is in the collection because when I do the loop through it, the document is being updated. Has anyone else encountered problems with StampAll not stamping all documents? How do i get this to work without handling this one document on an individual basis?

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I have not heard of a problem of StampAll missing some documents that are in the collection, so you might want to call Lotus Support with a simple case that demonstrates the problem. However, if you have to iterate through the documents anyway, it’s much more efficient to do all your assignments at that time, and not use StampAll at all.

One thing you might watch out for, is that the NotesView object’s AutoUpdate property should be set to False. If you don’t do this, the contents of your collection might change out from under you. I can’t tell whether this has anything to do with your problem, but if you’re making changes that would affect the order or membership of documents in the view, then iterating through the collection might well be chancy — even for StampAll.

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  • Brooklynegg
    I've never seen stampall not work, but I haven't used it much. From your description, it sounds like you are updating records with specific values in one loop, then updating them again with a generic value across all documents in the second collection. So they are actually getting updated by two different processes. Is it possible that your loop still has the last doc in memory, the collection gets stamped, then the last doc in memory is saved? If that happens, would the "stamp" values be overwritten? Or a rep. conflict be created? The rep. conflict would have the stamp values and the saved doc would have just the updated values. That's my first guess, but not much of one.
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