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How do I configure SSL certificates on our IBM ISeries at v6R1? what will I need to do to setup this service for our iPad remote users?

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iseries v6r1

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Digital Certificate Manager is found at UR.IP.Adr.**:2010. You should sign in as Qsecofr when creating certs and key stores so the ownership is easy to maintain. You will find wizards for creating the objects you need and importing them to other systems. As a remediation for PCI, all of our system network servers are SSL encrypted and the unencrypted ports are not open. HTTP for intranet was painless. Telnet was probably the hardest to implement as IBM doesn’t support downloading an image with the keys there, but it can be done. HTTP for outside vendors using a public/private key from Verisign or RSA is best managed through third party application tools, though you can do it if you take the time to really learn the concepts. I don’t know about iPads, but iPhones seem to be requiring add ons like Mcfee’s remote application support so those may be more challenging than just web enabling HTTP for SSL.

First of all,

I give you my opinion, I might have it wrong..

SSL is used mainly for HTTP traffic.

To answer your question we need to know what kind of OS you are running and which webserver.

To install an SSL certificate on a server it is very easy.
Buy a certificate, and the party where you buy it from will have a ton of examples how to install it.

It depends on the OS and the web server.
IIS or Apache for example.

Look for the correct versions of the webserver and your OS.

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  • Splat
    Digital Certificate Manager is the ticket. Open it through IBM Systems Director Navigator for i5/OS (https://[iSeries IP address]:2005/ibm/console/logon.jsp) > i5/OS Management > Internet Configurations > Digital Certificate Manager. I've found it a bit confusing in spots (prompting calls to support a time or two) but that's more likely my limited familiarity with it.
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  • TheFinder
    I found that the quick and easy way is to have your Web host not ISP but Web host take care of it for you, it's cheap, I think I pay about $5.00 a month for SSL on top of my reg. monthly fee.
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  • Splat
    I have to qualify part of DanD's answer: while the initial purpose of acquiring a certificate was to secure a WebSphere-based application we also use SSL to secure FTP transmittals from and to the iSeries (something very important to our organisation).
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  • Rrockk2000
    Thank you all for your responses. it will be a self signed certificate running on an Apache server. the iSeries OS is 6.1 know he mentioned Apache, but not sure which version. I found this out there: V6R1 Before you can use any Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) features, you need to start it on your system. Complete the following tasks to ensure that you can start DCM successfully: 1. Install Digital Certificate Manager. 2. Install IBM® HTTP Server for i5/OS®. 3. Use System i™ Navigator to start the HTTP Server Administrative server: a. In System i Navigator expand your system > Network > Servers > TCP/IP. b. Right-click HTTP Administration. c. Select Start. OR Start HTTP Administrative server from command line: STRTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(*ADMIN) 4. Open a web browser and enter http://your_system_name:2001 to load the IBM Systems Director Navigator for i5/OS web console. 5. From the welcome page click the i5/OS Tasks Page link. 6. Select Digital Certificate Manager from the list of products on the i5/OS Tasks page to access the DCM user interface. 7. Confirm that no errors are received after clicking on the link. If errors are received, please contact IBM for assistance. Actually looking for step by step instructions :) thank you all....
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