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I'm using Prepare, Declare SQL cursor in my SQLRPGLE program

After Declare statement I receive SQL -312 - Which indicates to me that the SQL statement is not declared correctly. Is it something wrong with my query. I ran this query in SQL editor and went fine. I dun understand why not in the program.

Given below is the SQL stmt snapshot in the debug mode.

EVAL SqlString                                                         SQLSTRING =                                                                      ....5...10...15...20...25...30...35...40...45...50...55...60      1   'SELECT RPPAT#, RPORD#, RPORDT, RPORTM, RPNDC, RPDNAM, RPORDR'     61   ', PHNAME FROM EMP1file INNER  join EMP2fil on rpndc = fxndc '    121   'INNER join EMP3fil on rpordr = nwdrnum where RPORDT >= :FMDA'    181   'T AND RPORDT <= :TODAT AND recid <> "D" and NWDRNUM = PHYNO '    241   'and RPNDC = "Executive O" and RPNDC <> "D" order by RPORDR, '    301   'upper(RPDNAM)                                               '    361   '                                                            '    421   '                                                            '    481   '                                                            '


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What version of the OS are you using and what does your declare statement look like?

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  • Nutangujar
    C/Exec SQL C+ Prepare P1 From :SqlString C/End-Exec *------------------------------------- C/EXEC SQL C+ Declare C1 Cursor For P1 C/End-Exec Actually i'm not using open cursor statement ...with the clause 'using'......to resolve this problem i used '?' instead of the :FMDat host variable and then opened this cursor using 'Using :Fmdat' clause and this worked.....then i got varibale not defined exception for constant used in the query i.e. "D" i moved this constant to a variable and used '?' and the same technique...now it is working... however i have lengthy code which opens cursor based on various selection parameters passed for a report. this make my program look ugly....is there any way i can write a smart code....
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  • Teandy
    I'm not much of an SQL person, but I did find this thread which may help. https://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/itanswers/rpg-with-dynamic-sql-problem-sqlcod-501312/ I think your problem is coming from trying to use a host variable in dynamic sql. Try changing: where RPORDT >= :FMDAT AND RPORDT <= :TODAT TO where RPORDT >= ' + quote + FMDAT + quote + ' AND RPORDT<= ' +quote + TODAT + quote. quote is defined as: D QUOTE C CONST(X'7D')
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  • BigKat
    are you creating the SQLString in your program dynamically, or is it a fixed statement? If it is built, then instead of building it as
    eval  SQLString = "...RPORDT >= :FMDAT and..." 
    build it as
    eval SQLString = "...RPORDT >= " + %char(FMDAT) + " and..."
    this creates an SQL statement fro prepare/declare that has no host variables in it
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