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What is a tempDB in SQL Server?

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Here is an excellent technet article that should give you all the information you are looking for.


The basic summary of tempdb is that it’s used for temporary objects. Temp tables, table variables, when SQL Server needs to stage data into a database for sorting data, doing joins in a hash table, etc it’s all done within the tempdb database.

Each time the SQL Service is restarted the tempdb database is deleted and recreated as an empty database.
TemDB in SQL Server is the area where all temporary information is stored. It consists of log files based on various transactions taking place in the database. Like MasterDB contains Master Database data, this contains temporary data. The log files need to be flushed on regular basis and don’t forget to Shrink TempDB to bring it back to actual size after flushing temp log files otherwise it will keep on utilizing the White Space.

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  • Denny Cherry
    Check out my SQL Server blog "SQL Server with Mr Denny" for more SQL Server information.
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  • bhannah
    "The tempdb system database is a global resource that is available to all users connected to the instance of SQL Server and is used to hold the following": Quote from MSDN. In most cases, when you open a database, you may not actually open the database, you open a copy of the database. This is a temporary storage area to store all transactional data to the database, including adding and deleting records, querying the database and storage of said information, changing records, changing structure, and other information. When you close your instance of the database, any changes that you may have made get written back to the actual database. This is an over simplification of the process, but it does cover it.
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  • danieljones
    tempdb is a temporary workspace for storing temporary tables, worktables that hold intermediate results during the sorting or query processing and materialized static cursors, which intern increase the performance of SQL Server.
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  • reckonankit

    You can read from here

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  • Brijesh
    Check this TEMPDB in SQLServer which could define you in detail about the TEMPDB.
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  • edwinjhoffer
    tempdb is the temporary database of SQL Server which stores temporary database of SQL Server for example: temporary tables.
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  • TheRealRaven
    Seems like a basic research item. Typing the same question into a Google search box provides plenty of good answers.
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  • ToddN2000
    Seems like a straight forward answer, a temporary database. Is there anything else more specific to the question?
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  • Genderhayes
    Try 7.0 All I can say Thanks
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