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I have crated the below SQL statement. I works fine. and it gives me the required "RTCDate" I need, that which is difined at the Where statement of 3 - 2010. The other constraints are that I need all my 79 product line numbers. and the "1" is those product line numbers that are active and current. So all the above is correct and I receive what I need.  The problem is what I add more product lines to the Where statement.  If I want to see all the product lines for 72,72,74,75,76,77,78,and 79.  So I added to the where statement the following    Where INMSP100.MSCLS ='72' or MSCLS = '73'... MSCLC = '79'.  When I ran the query with the multiple MSCLS qualifiers I got all different "RTCDate" dates, why would that happen if the Where state is still the same for the INMSP100.MSRDTY = '10' and INMSP100.MSRDTM = '03'?

Select DIstinct INMSP100.MSCLS  as "Class", INMSP100.MSPRD as "PN", INMSP100.MSRDTM || '/'  ||  INMSP100.MSRDTD || '/' || INMSP100.MSRDTY as "RTCDate", INMSP100.MSAPP as "Appltn", INMSP100.MSMPC as "Phase", INMSP100.#MSTSP as "TstSpec", INMSP100.#MSPSF as "PilotRun", INMSP100.#MSRFS as "FactSht", INMSP100.MSSAM  as "OEinHuse", INMSP100.MSPHO as "FG-Img", INMSP100.MSASM as "AsmSmpl", INMSP100.MSPSM as "PackSmpl", INMSP100.MSBOM as "BOM", INMSP100.MSCSG  as "ConsldSg", INMSP100.MSCNV   as "ConvSg", INMSP100.MSWGT  as "Wght", INMSP100.MSCDS  as "CatDec", MSPMP100.PMBPC as "PopCode", MSPMP100.PMPFAM as "PrdFmlyCode", MSPMP100.ACTIV as "Active" From rdb.CARF1.INMSP100 INMSP100 right join rdb.CARF1.MSPMP100 MSPMP100 on MSPRD  =  PRDNO Where INMSP100.MSCLS ='79' and INMSP100.MSRDTY = '10' and INMSP100.MSRDTM = '03' and MSPMP100.ACTIV = '1'

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MS Access 2000,

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You might need to use parenthesis to group all your ‘OR’ conditions. When you use the OR logical operator, if one of the conditions is met, the result will be true whether the other condition is met or not.

Something like this:

<pre>Where <b>(</b>INMSP100.MSCLS =’72’ or MSCLS = ’73’… MSCLC = ’79′<b>)</b>
AND …</pre>

You can also do something like this:

<pre>Where INMSP100.MSCLS <b>in (’72’,’74’,’75’,’76’,’77’,’78’,’79’)</b>
AND …</pre>


CarlosDL is correct. By not using parenthesis, once the condition in an ‘OR’ statement is met, the rest of the parameters are ignored. In this case, you have to force your WHERE condition to check against all parameters by enclosing your ‘OR’ condition in parenthesis.

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