SQL 2005 error code = 80004003: Invalid Pointer

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SQL Server 2005
After (successfully???) attaching a database to a VM Ware instance of MS SQL Server 2005 and setting what appear to be appropriate access to the SQL server itself and the database involved, and making sure that sharing and security are properly set on the SQL server, I am receiving the following error when attempting to launch the client side connection: Error Code = 80004003: Invalid Pointer The Program cannot start. Failed to connect to <databasename.mdf> on server <servername> (provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Initial Catalog = <dabasename.mdf>; Data Source = <servername>; Integrated Security = SSPI) The client is WinXP: the issue started while running SP2, and has persisted with SP3RC2 MDAC is 2.8x (as suggested by the program publisher I have adjusted the client sql.ini file to reflect the appropriate data source and server I have attempted to create a <programname>.udl file, which appears to be configuered correctly, as I receive a successfull connection after configuration and testing. Let me state that I'm not a DBA, but am (I believe) capable of following instructions..... Any and all assistance is appreciated

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Can you query the tables from with the SQL Server Management tools?

Can you use the management tools locally? Remotely?

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  • Pressler2904
    Mrdenny - (and all interested parties): Thanks for the reply - the issue has been resolved... To answer your questions, the connection was fine when queries were executed via the VM Ware console on the server itself, hence my statement that the database appeared to have been attached successfully. The resolution of the issues was so obvious (even to a non-DBA like me) that I probably should be assaulted with a clue-stick or two... When setting up the sql.ini file, for the "database name", I inserted the actual name of the .mdf file. What I should have done, and what fixed the problem, was enter the name of the .mdf file <alias> as created during initial database configuration. The client side piece of this commercial product leaves the translation between actual file name and alias to the SQL Server. What clued me in to the issue was the creation and configuration of a .udl file: after entering the server instance name, the database alias was made available in the "Select the database" dropdown area of the "Connection" tab. When comparing the SQL.ini file, I noticed the discrepancy, adjusted the .ini file and **poof** connection established. As I mentioned, the issue has been resolved and connectivity confirmed as of about 9:00AM this morning EDT Thanks for the assistance. pressler2904 (AKA poppaman2)
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