Do I need SQL?

SQL procedure
SQL Server
SQL statements
DO I need it? I am just a home user anf oerform simole tasks, but have 8 examples of SQL programs in my program list. I have win 7 64 bit O/S

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SQL is a language commonly used to minupalate data in databases. If you are ‘just a home user and perform simple tasks’ you don’t need it.

But, you might be talking about ‘SQL Server’ which is not the same.

SQL Server is a database management system from Microsoft. Most likely you don’t need it directly, but some application installed on your machine may use it to store its data.

We would need to see the list of programs you mention to be able to help you determining whether you need it or not.

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  • Subhendu Sen
    To run SQL programs, it may necessary SQL as per ur Q. Would u like to provide more details that helps to understand ur Q ! Thanks
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  • Dinerouk
    What are SQL programs? I never needed SQL with my Vista or XP PC
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  • Radyair
    You can download a free version of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express which will run on Windows 7: Maybe all you need is MySQL:
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  • TomLiotta
    What are SQL programs? SQL programs are program that send SQL statements to a database management system (a"DBMS", such as SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Oracle and others) to manipulate database tables (or "files"). SQL statements are written in a language that has an English-like structure -- the language is SQL (Structured Query Language). Although the database systems will use very different internal ways to do their work, the SQL statements are generally very recognizable to programmers who work on other systems. This helps in creating programs that can be ported to other systems or in storing data on different platforms in different types of databases. Data stored in Word documents essentially requires the Word program to process it properly. Data stored in a SQL database can be processed by anyone's program by any program that runs SQL statements. The SQL statements can usually also be typed into a SQL command line directly by users. Do you need it? If you need to run programs that do SQL functions, then you will need the appropriate DBMS that is expected by those programs. Tom
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