Find spool files in AS/400

Spool files
How do I find spool files in AS/400?

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You can find the ones you created by using the WRKSPLF command. 

For the spool files for your current session use WRKJOB option 4. 
You can find spool files created by different users using the WRKSPLF SELECT(USERNAME). 
There are ways to find spool files by job. 
Use WRKSPLF SELECT(*ALL) JOB(ORD410W) and fill in the other parameters. 

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  • Subhendu Sen
    What did you mean finding spool files? In general, spooled files are printed/report output as system files that contain output data formatted for printing. Spooled files are stored in output queues. To print a spooled file, the file must be moved to an output queue which can be attached to a printer via a printer writer. For more info, please link here:
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  • Gayathri123
    Please use the command WRKSPLF if you want to check your spool files. If you want to check the spool files of different user, use " WRKSPLF SELECT(User profile name).
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  • ToddN2000
    If you are looking for your current spool files, try WRKJOB and take option 4.
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  • RossHowatson
    As described above use WRKSPLF and press F4 and fill in the required fields.  Use WRKOUTQ and press F4 to work with an output queue(s).  IBM i ACS (Access Client Solutions) and if installed you can use the "Printer Output" option and take spool files and bring them back to your local PC as PDF documents.

    Someone once showed me that from the command line you can type in WRK* or DSP* etc. and find commands that way.
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  • ToddN2000
    @RossHowaston: That is a good tip for some people. The command wild card. Start a command and use the * at the end. IT will then display a list of all the I-Series commands starting with that string. IT works for many others as well besides DSP and WRK like CRT* and DMP*. You can also cut it down to or expand the wildcard  C* will work but you just have more commands to search through.
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  • WoodEngineer
    When you try WRKSPLF press F10 to see additional prompts. There are some very handy features to zero in on the desired spool file.
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