(Special case) Suggest what should be done to get two pc networked?

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there are two locations: Home and Office both are on the same side of road and distance between the locations is 220 meter aprox. I'm having commercial land-line(BSNL) connection at Office and broadband connection on this line. I have a seamens sl2_141 wireless modem. i recently bought new laptop for home. Now have a laptop needed to connect wirelessly, so that i can use it anywhere in home. earlier i used wired connection at office having a dextop, but now i need to get these two pc in network. please give suggestion !!! should i get personal line of both telephone and network cable from office to home? (little expensive) and more chances to get network damaged due to any reason like weather. ok, telephone wire can be repared, but what could i do if my network cable get damaged? or i should only have a personal telephone line from office to home and get seperate modem? can i use two modems on a line at the same time? if yes, then both pc's being connected to different modems are networked or not? means can transfer my data from one pc to another? or i can just use internet on both but un-networked? or any other better way please suggest!

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dell vostro

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I think u r little confused ! Not necessary to take a long network cable for that purpose. Arrange any modem (voice modem is enough) and of course Land line is required for two sides. Now simple IP forwarding may solve ur probs. Earlier, I did the same, only the OS r
Linux and Windows XP. I think the same procedure u also do and get what u want.-
U may use TeamViewer for that purpose also. Only internet connection is required. Download the TeamViewer and don’t install it. When u double-click to open it there r two options Install and Run, u choose Run and it provides a Key and Pass. Just provide the same to the other side computer and he/she may easily handle ur computer. Teamviewer is now also available on Linux System. And I tested it works fine !

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  • Vishalgoel003
    thanks friend! my main problem was to have internet connection on both locations. however it would be better if data sharing is possible directly. thats why i asked whether i can use 2 dsl modem at the same time or not. so that i only have a private telephone wire from home to office. however i came to know that only 2 of 4 pairs (i.e. 4 of 8 wires) in a network cable are actually used. so, i was planning to have a private dual line, one for phone line to modem at home and other network cable of only 4-wires from modem to office. the cable will consist of two shielded twisted pair copper wire and rj45 at terminals. please see: "Economy Crossover Cable (4-wire)" at this page:http://www.peakelec.co.uk/content/ethernet.html 4 wire cable is going to cost less than standard cable. and it gives sufficient 10 to 20 mbps speed(tested myself on 2 meter). now what result it give on 150 meter wire, while max recommended length for network cable is 100 meter? while its not possible to have a repeater on cable in my case ! and yes i use window 7 on both pc and actual distance is around 150 meter !
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  • jinteik
    I think once reaching that far in cable length, your signal will be either weak or lost....but since you can try, will u let us now if the cable can be that long?
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  • Stevesz
    Probably the easiest way to do this is to get a VPN capable router for each side, placing it inside your modem for your broadband on each side. Follow the directions to establish a VPN connection between the two routers. Now you have an always on connection between home and office which, even while going through the Internet, is relatively secure, since it is encrypted.
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  • Vishalgoel003
    @Stevesz:can you explain me in detail how it can be done? or any link i think using vpn my isp will charge me on same price as internet 0.80Re/MB .Am i right? @Jinteik: yes a cable can be that much long. but fear is the same, if i bought and it didn't work then?
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Generally, Lan cable that we use, it can't properly cover beyond 100 meter. If u r using RJ45 then it may cause probs. For better coverage and good connection, u may use fiber cable (though it is not required for that purpose). "I asked whether i can use 2 dsl modem at the same time or not. so that i only have a private telephone wire from home to office". yes, u r almost right. Take 2 dsl modems one for the side and one for home, definitely both side's phone connection is required as well as internet connection. Don't bother about the phone line, coz it provides and arranges by the phone line provider (i.e. BSNL). Just u have solid knowledge of IP tables and port forwarding. If u want, I may provide the code here for ur better understanding. As Stevesz suggested, u may also try out this. For guide please Link Here, it is an youtube video. As u mentioned, u have internet connection on both locations, so why u don't go for TeamViewer solutuins, as I wrote earlier in "Answer Wiki". Just do the same process for the both sides as I mentioned. I am working and connecting from far away thru this process for my Biometric Attendance System implement ions and configurations. There is no lan wire, only Internet connections on both sides and download TV for the both sides. This is much cheaper and almost free also.
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  • Kcjoc
    Hi Vishal,I found two question- 1- You want to connect multiple PC and keep them on same network?2- You want to use only your office network at home.Please find the answer below.1- You can go for one wired LAN connection but you have to put and power up your device in mid (100Mt) and 2 lan hub or switch will required.Or you can put one AP Access Point on office and use it as a client but the AP height must be 20ft.Note: Office modem must be always on to access the broadband.2- Just have one wired voice line from office line to your home and plug it behind the modem and place the username inside modem setting (BSNL) might also help to configure it and you have only plug your home device with power while you want to work from home.Thanks.Krishna Chandra Joshi
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