Something is slowing down my server Dell PowerEdge 1800

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Windows Server Performance
Almost every day something starts running on the server and performance slowly grinds to a stop causing me to have to reboot. I look at the processes and the only ones showing up are store.exe and system. There are no Events in the Event Viewer to shed some light as to what is hanging up the server. It is not anything that is scheduled to run by me or any other piece of software. Some days it hangs up around 10:30. Then some days 2:30. Server is a Dell PowerEdge 1800 w/ 1GB of Ram w/ Server 2003. No hardware or software was modified prior to this happening. Could it be some process in Exchange that is putting a heavy load on it while it runs? How does one check on that?

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Checkout the Sysinternals toolkit. Particularly the Process Explorer application. This will help you track down what is using up server resources. Download the entire Sysinternals suite. These are Microsoft utilities now so no worries about malware.


The first thing that I would do is to perform a malware scan on the server. If the server is clean, then I would verify that the system clock is set correctly (particularly the AM / PM setting). Exchange performs several maintenance tasks on a nightly basis, and many of these processes are very resource intensive. If the slowdown happens at 3:00 pm, but the clock indicates 3:00 AM, then the maintenence cycle may be running in the middle of the day.

You also mentioned that the server only has 1 GB of RAM. That is only enough memory to support a few mailboxes. I would recommend using Performance Monitor to see if your server is running low on RAM or if it is running short of Page Table Entries (PTEs). If so, then you will want to add memory to the server, and you may possible want to remove the /3gb switch from the boot.ini file if it exists.

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  • TNangler
    Checked the clock....all is shows the correct AM/PM.....I ran the Rootkitrevaler and I didn't see anything out of the norm. Ran spybot S&D and nothing was found. Since I posted this, 10/21, it has not had the problem. Last time I posted this on another forum the exact same thing happened......the problem did not occur for a few days....and then it came back and I would have to reboot sometimes once sometimes twice a day.....then it will not flare up for a couple of days.....then starts back up again.....Pinpointing what is firing up and why it drags the system down is the question here.... When it decides to start back up I will run Process Explorer to see if it will shed some light.
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  • TNangler
    OK....had a couple of crashes again....twice yesterday....I noticed right about this time this error popped up and seems to be realted maybe?..... Event Type: Error Event Source: Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 Event Category: None Event ID: 1000 Date: 10/28/2008 Time: 4:01:26 PM User: N/A Computer: MTJ01 Description: #50070: Unable to connect to the database STS_mtj01_1 on MTJ01\SharePoint. Check the database connection information and make sure that the database server is running. For more information, see Help and Support Center at
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