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Can some one explain to me: Is it possible to change the contents of the mail in Inbox of Lotus Notes 6.5? Because in my inbox, their is an Important Agreement which states that: "I am comfirming" the date and time of which is 05/27/2006(mm/dd/yy).This is the confirmation I got from one of the 3rd party vendors. But when the time came to rivive it, I forwarded the same mail to the Manager saying that the vendor has agreed our terms. But some Lotus Notes admin guys and some of my collegues are jealous of me, because I perform well in my office. But I don't know what these guys have done to this perticular Email, now it is showing as "I am not confirming" the date of which too is the same a above mentioned. But this same Email shows as "I am confirming" in my inbox, but since the Manager can log into anybodys email account from his Computer, it shows as "I am not confirming" in his computer. So I'm trapped here, and he blames me that I have tampered the "Email Agreement Document" and I have deleted the "not" in the Email just to get the incentive money. But I know that I have done nothing with this email, because I don't know anything about progarmming or administration and also I have used Lotus Notes for only 3 months in my whole life. Please somebody save me or else they will throw me out of the job,I need this job, reply to me within this Sunday(06/04/2006), because I have to reply to my Manager On Monday.

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I’m sure it is possible to change the contents of a mail message since it is just text anyway but…

You mentioned “email agreement document”. Is it an attachment that we are talking about here? Or is this the text within an email message?

And you are saying that when your mgr logs into your email account from his desk the same message apperas different than when you logom your desk? That sounds real strange.

Can you not get this 3rd party vendor to resend the original message? Can the Notes Administrators retrieve a copy of the message from backup tapes? Preferably a backup the night that the message addived?

I personally can’t see a vendor using the phrase “I am not confirming”. If they couldn’t meet a date you would think they would be a little more appoligetic and say something like “we are sorry that we can not meet your deadline” or something like that.

I would still look at getting another copy from the vendor and have them cc your mgr or try the backup tapes.

Good luck!


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