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Is it acceptable to allow access to social networking sites from company PC's?

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YES and NO

YES if it is a site like this one where we exchange work related information.

NO if it is a site for getting a date or for telling the world what you had for breakfast.



Good question!! And I think the answer to this can be a very personal one as it totally depends on how stringent your network security policy needs to be. Also what sort of data your staff are working with and indeed what sort of staff you have!!

In some companies access to the outside world simply cannot be permitted due to the sensitivity of data and staff aren’t even allowed mobile phones through fear they could take photos of their screens.

A good IT dept should have some monitoring software in place though and have the ability to determine if staff are spending more time networking socially as a preference to working. Assuming you can police access to such sites and maintain that happy balance with you staff then in my opinion its fine.

Horses for courses though, for sure!!


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  • jinteik
    actually to avoid the staff to play social networking websites, it is better to bar them from accessing it. my side we only allow them to access sites that are needed for their task only...
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  • AndreaF
    Plenty of people will happily fill their time socializing on Facebook, rather than doing the job they are being paid for. This reason alone was enough for one former workplace to block the site. I can think of no reason a person at work would need Facebook access - other than Business Promotion. I personally have a business page on FB....but any company large enough to have an IT department would not likely be using this site for business purposes.
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  • Yogi
    Another reason not to allow employees to use social networking sites is that there are those pop-ups claiming that one's computer is infected and it starts to "scan" the computer. An unwitting employee can innocently introduce a trojan to the corporate network, and there's a real mess!
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  • jinteik
    just to add on a little which is a little off topic, last time my side even we don't allow any 1 to access external emails to protect our network from virus....and the websites that they can access is also very limited...
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